Willi Weber criticizes; former doctor expressed

The current state of health of Michael Schumacher is still secret. Willi Weber has therefore been critical of the family. Various friends, acquaintances and celebrities have also expressed about Schumi-being in recent years. Now there but otherwise news: Schumi was inducted into the Hall of Fame of German sport.

Since there is about the health of Michael Schumacher have long been nothing new to family, friends and fans but can now look forward to another great news. 180000 "image"Readers honor the former racer and top athlete Magdalena Neuner with a place in Germany's Sports Hall of Fame. the award from Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière was awarded (CDU). "With their personality and their services, Magdalena Neuner and Michael Schumacher have decisively contributed to the popularity of its sports and excited for years the sports fans in Germany and around the world", The politician said at the ceremony. Michael Schumacher is still the most successful German racing drivers. In the speculation about his health after the skiing accident not least because every now and then crossed borders by the media. Finally, the Hamburg District Court had said a verdict in the trial of the privacy rights of Michael Schumacher. The magazine "colorful" must therefore transfer a compensation of 50,000 euros to the family Schumacher and contribute 65 percent of Abmahnkosten (950 euros) and part of the process costs. However, the court ruling is not yet final. The case was heard because the magazine had made the allegation in issue in 2015 that Michael Schumacher could walk again. The family went that headline too far. The "colorful" had put forward in their defense to an informant, so the compensation payment has failed only in the specified height.

Michael Schumacher a member of the Hall of Fame

Son Mick celebrated his 18th birthday on March 22 and has since been solely responsible for its decisions. He already formulated his clear goal for the future: "I want to be a complete racing driver." However, three years have passed since the serious skiing accident seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher, although the family maintains the Health of the popular motor sport professionals further secret. There hails criticism and indeed from Michael Schumacher's former manager Willi Weber. In a Intervie with the magazine "colorful" He explains: "I's criticisms for some time that the Schumacher family is not telling the whole truth. But I bite as granite, my advice is not heard", He believed that it was for Michael Schumachers family at the time "pour the millions of fans come clean", These statements sound almost as if after the current health of Schumi worse than previously thought. Although Willi Weber further expressed in the interview "hope dies last", Says the pressure he builds through his statements on Schumacher's family, another language. In addition, the 74-year-old said to have them a long mourning period needed to accept the fate of Schumi. Although Willi Weber itself is one of the closest associates of Michael Schumacher, he may - as allegedly many other friends and close companion from its active Formula 1 time - Schumi not visit: "Too bad that Corinna apparently not trust me anymore."

Schumacher's son Mick now 18 years old

On December 29, the accident Michael Schumacher anniversary of the third time. From the perspective of family, friends and the fans three difficult years. Especially for the latter, above all, years of uncertainty. So the family of the record champions confirmed after his release from the hospital, allowing the now 47-year-old on his private estate in Switzerland Rehabilation by professionals. Since then Michael Schumacher is shielded from the outside world. In early December 2016 was briefly great excitement to a secretly been shot Photo Michael Schumachers in the hospital bed. Allegedly offered a hitherto unknown said photo publishing on for a million euros to purchase. In response to the "Photo Scandal" immediately took the prosecution Offenburg to display by Schumacher manager Sabine Kehm investigation against unknown persons because the dubious offer the "highly personal lives" Schumacher was injured. The investigation was set in the meantime because no offender could be determined. Meanwhile, the family environment Michael Schumachers is not idle, trying to make the best of the whole tragedy. Under the banner "Keep Fighting" a new initiative was established that Schumi's values ​​and the call to persevere would like to pass on to other people. "Keep Fighting wants to feel inspired by Michael Schumacher, motivate is to keep fighting and never give up all the people,"It says on the website of the initiative. "Michael's strong will, his loyalty to those close to him, his honest attitude toward its goals and beliefs and its clear willingness to help others have for many years for many people around the world an inspiration."

Willi Weber criticizes Schumacher's family

As of November 2016: The last message on the health of Michael Schumacher came from former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn. The longtime Schumacher's friend said in an interview with the British BBC: "It is difficult for me to say much without violating the privacy of the family. I can say: There are many rumors and most of them are wrong. We hope and pray every day that we will continue to progress and one day one Michael, who has recovered from his terrible injuries see." 22 years after his first world title Schumacher now has an official Facebook- and Instagram-Occurs.

Ross Brawn's statement on Schumacher's condition

As of September 2016: Michael Schumachers lawyer Felix Damm speaks plain text. In a lawsuit against the magazine Bunte, the lawyer confirmed: "He can not walk." Felix Damm accuses the magazine to have the privacy of Michael Schumachers injured. "Claiming they had, Family Schumacher forced to take a stand against their will"So the lawyer continued. More than three months earlier, in June 2016 Michael Schumacher has won the Nürburgring Award for Lifetime Achievement. However, due to his health situation of the Formula 1 world champion could not even Answering price. His manager Sabine Kehm accepted the award on behalf and gave an update on Michael Schumacher's current state of health: "I am aware, and I think that you all agree with me: We'd all feel better if Michael are even here and thank might", The manager of the former Ferrari driver said. "But unfortunately that is not possible. Unfortunately, we have to accept all that and learn to deal with it. Each set is still the trigger for new demands, every word is beacon for more information", Kehm said in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung: It would never rest. On the question "How is Michael Schumacher?" Moreover, there would be no general answer because it is a "permanent" Process IN QUESTION. Desire to talk about his ex-racing driver colleagues did, however, Sebastian Vettel. In a joint interview with Dirk Nowitzki of the Ferrari driver who said "Bild am Sonntag": "It is a brutal fate. But always there is hope. Those who know him from his playing days, knows that Michael is a fighter. If someone finds a way to turn things around, then."

Michael Schumachers career in video:

Michael Schumachers lawyer Felix Damm has expressed itself

As of February 2016: Ex-Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has the sporty successful era Ferraris mitzuverdanken Michael Schumacher in F1. Now he was asked about Michael Schumachers condition. Quite tricky, because all that really know how to do it Michael Schumacher silent. Montezemolo does not, he's talking about. Even if he actually says little. "We had great years together, also on a personal level", Di Montezemolo said at a panel event in Milan. "Unfortunately, a random crash has made him ski break", Di Montezemolo continues. The news he had from Schumacher, unfortunately were not good, says the 68-year-old. But further details he did not name. Sabine Kehm, Michael Schumachers manager, however, will not even comment on Montezemolo's remarks.

gone media at Schumi articles too far: OLG München

In a recent court ruling, the Higher Regional Court in Munich gave the lawyers Michael Schumachers with respect to the reporting of some media right. According to court some media broke with their coverage too far ahead into the private life Michael Schumachers and his family. The objection of the relevant media company was rejected by the Court of Appeal. The process was based on a complaint by lawyers Schumis injunction after reports about the health condition of the F1 world champion had appeared in four journals, which decorated a press release his spokeswoman Sabine Kehm.

Stand on Jan. 3, 2016: media lawyer defends silence of the family

Allegedly Schumi can walk a few steps

In a report dated 22 December 2015, the magazine says "colorful"Michael Schumacher could temporarily take a few steps back with support. The former Formula 1 pilot should, however, have lost considerable weight. However, Michael Schumachers longtime manager Sabine Kehm denied the report immediately: "Unfortunately, we are forced by a recent press report to clarify that the claim Michael could walk again, not true."

Stand October 31, 2015: Jean Todt talks about Michael Schumacher's condition

Manager Sabine Kehm: Of speculation in sight

Since Schumacher's home is there are no announcements by the management with Schumacher's condition. "It still is a long and hard road ahead of him"Sabine Kehm had announced on September 9, referred to the privacy of the family and asked to refrain from speculation about the health of the most successful driver in Formula 1 history.

Stand May 23, 2015: Michael Schumacher is making progress

Former Arzt Jean-Francois Payen urges patience

The recovery from Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher still requires patience. The French Arzt Jean-François Payen pointed out in interviews in French media. "You are on a time scale ranging from one year to three years"Said the chief of anesthesia and resuscitation at the University Hospital of Grenoble, had been brought into the Schumacher after his skiing accident on December 29, 2013. Seven-time champion was then admitted to a particularly severe head injury, Payen recalled in "Le Parisien": "He was on his arrival in a critical situation." Payen was part of the medical team that took care of more than half a year in Grenoble to the father of two. Schumacher was transferred to an emergency operation in an artificial coma and floated days in danger. It was not until mid-June announced his manager Sabine Kehm that the now 45-year-old had gone beyond in a coma. In addition, they announced on June 16 that Schumacher is no longer in the CHU Grenoble; he continued his rehabilitation at a clinic in Lausanne not far from his adopted home England on Lake Geneva continues. On September 9, Kehm said that Schumacher was now at home.

Michael Schumachers career (video):

exceptionally Corinna Schumacher in every way

There Schumacher find conditions that would favor his recovery, Payen said after his visit to Schumacher. "The fact that he is in a familiar environment, could help him", Payen said. The doctor pointed at demands for more accurate state of native Kerpeners but his medical confidentiality. The doctor praised this in an interview with the radio station RTL France also Schumacher's wife Corinna, everything was off the ground, so that the seven time world champion was making progress. She was exceptional in every way, Payen emphasized in "Le Parisien", "She was immediately aware of the situation of the consequences and the long road that would lie ahead." Unlike Corinna Schumacher Payen and his medical colleagues were mostly not used to the huge media crowd, the long time before the hospital in Grenoble prevailed. "No one is prepared for such an onslaught of media", Payen said in retrospect. You got taken action quickly in order to work in peace. He pointed out that Schumacher had been treated in spite of all safety precautions medically as any other patient. Schumacher had crashed while skiing when he had not seen above Méribel a stone. He bounced then head to another rock. Blame for the accident had no one like the investigations of the public prosecutor's office of Albertville revealed.