Tesla Model S: Prices, drives, Crash Test

Americans fit again the price of the Tesla Model S. With the elimination of the cheapest models 60, S 60D, S 75 but not more profit Tesla customers by the state electric car premium. Also: Tesla switches the mode Ludicrous free.

After Tesla entry-level models S 60, S 60D and S inzwische also has 75 fully removed from its range due to low demand, fits the carmaker to the prices for its luxurious electric car. For there are only the four-wheel-driven variants 75D, 100D and P100D in the range, the Tesla Model S 75D with a price of 73,170 euros now marks the new entry-level model from September 2017th So the price for the Model S increases while at, but Tesla is expected to reduce the cost for the other variants to 2,000 euros in return. Only recently, Tesla had revised the software and hardware of its Model S and makes it so much faster. Thus, the Tesla Model S 75D accelerated since then in just 4.2 seconds to 60 mph (96 km / h). And the S 100D benefited from the revision and accelerates in 4.1 instead of 4.2 seconds to 96 km / h. The latest in the top equipment P100D with 100 kWh battery and all-wheel drive, the Model S is an absolute sports car: Then the electric car sprints in just 2.7 seconds from zero to 100 and reaches a top speed of 250 km / h. In addition, the top models come with the "P" Since the mid 2017 the so-called Ludicrous mode (insanity mode). It is similar to the Insane mode, the models no longer offered P85D and P90D and presses the last reserves of power from the built-in battery vehicle floor. Then the Tesla Model S P100D is to sprint to 100 km even in just 2.4 seconds. The "D" in the name stands for the rest of "Dual engine" - two independently functioning electric motors at the front and rear axle.

History Tesla in video:

New prices for the Tesla Model S

but the Tesla Model S would be not only a sports car, after all it is one of the very few electric cars of this size on the market. Against a surcharge of 4,400 euros of Americans even offers a third row of seats, but severely limits the 894-liter storage space. The autopilot will cost 2,800 euros plus activation fee of 3,300 euros, the automatic tracking function is not to be confused with fully autonomous driving. No additional charge will cost the characteristic like giant 17-inch touch screen as a central control on the dashboard. It has internet connection and allows WiFi hotspots for passengers. In addition, the Model S can be equipped with numerous other options: the premium update for 3900 euros includes among others the new HEPA air purification filter and LED headlights and -Nebelscheinwerfer. The cold weather package for 1100 Euro including a heated steering wheel, heated seats, a de-icer for the windshield wipers and heated windshield washer nozzles. The uprade for the hi-fi system of the Tesla Model S, called Ultra High Fidelity Sound with twelve speakers will cost 2,800 euros, the high-current charger 1,700 euros plus activation fee of 2,100 euros. If the batteries are empty, the Tesla Model allows both the 230V AC outlet and at the Tesla Supercharger - here in only 75 minutes - Charging. The latter is no longer free of charge to new customers who only receive a credit of 400 kWh in January 2017th The subsequent fee should however be below the price of the tank of a car with Nitro, according to Tesla. More on the subject: The cost of the Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Model S in IIHS Crash Test (Video):

Crash test score Tesla Model S

In terms of safety features the Tesla Model S sufficient protection, which has five the reflected in the Euro NCAP crash test. In the IIHS test, the crash test of the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Model S, but gets only the second-best mark. And it is already the second attempt. In the first test of the Stromer scraped along the desirable iknapp "Top Safety Pick +" past. Although the Tesla Model S impressed in most test categories with good reviews, was the front-lateral crash but only just sufficient rating. Measurements on Dummie showed that in this case, injuries to the head, and his right leg would be possible, the simulated crash would actually take place that way. On the second attempt, it was mainly the seat belt, which was not convincing: When Small overlap crash test, which simulates an accident with a tree or a lamppost at 65 km / h the driver's head hit despite belt against the steering wheel. The child seat anchoring section with the third-best of four possible ratings also badly. The headlights were provided with the worst score. The crash test result comes for the Tesla boss probably the worst possible time, the start of production of the Model 3. The stock market already responded with price falls. More on the subject: Opinion on Tesla autopilot

Tesla Model S
Italians presented with the Model S to a range record. © Twitter / Tesla Owners Italia

Tesla Model S with range record

What Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always claimed that represents the Tesla Model S now actually prove: Five members of an Italian Tesla clubs joined forces to set a range record. equipped with fuel-saving tires and the air conditioning off put the group the distance at a speed of 40 km / h in 29 hours back. Accordingly, tired and sweaty, but also proud of the men showed after the 1000-kilometer tour. Shenanigans are to be excluded: reports of the According to the Guardian, a notary was in the record run that is present who has sealed the charging socket of the Tesla Model S. The record car is a model S 100D, which accelerates in 4.1 seconds to 60 mph (96 km / h) and according to the manufacturer at a speed of 100 km / h, a range of 594 kilometers achieved. The base price for the Tesla Model S 100D is 105,320 euros. Tesla CEO Musk was so excited that he congratulated the club from the distant United States via Twitter from the 1000-kilometer journey.

modelbattery packdriveaccelerationTop speedreachprice
S 60 (not available)60 kWhrear wheel5.8 s / 100 km / h210 km / h408 km69,020 €
S 60D (not available)60 kWhfour-wheel5.4 s / 100 km / h210 km / h408 km74,520 €
S 75 (not available)75 kWhrear wheel4.3 s / 60 mph225 km / h480 km67,970 €
S 75D75 kWhfour-wheel4.2 s / 60 mph225 km / h490 km73,170 €
S 90D (not available)90 kWhfour-wheel4.4 s / 100 km / h250 km / h557 km99,720 €
S 100D100 kWhfour-wheel4.1 s / 60 mph250 km / h613 km105,320 €
S P100D100 kWhfour-wheel2.4 s / 100 km / h250 km / h613 km144,670 €