M4 facelift rises slightly in price

In the shadow of its big brother, the BMW M4 Facelift (2017) was presented, which precipitates relatively inconspicuous. Lightweight design retouching, refined aerodynamics and new lighting technology - that is the M4 for its second half of life. The price goes up slightly to 76,600 euros.

More than three years after the debut of the M GmbH revised the BMW M4 (2017)! Of course, the M4 was not a new car through the facelift, but are allowed to M4 drivers - both in Coupe and the Convertible - looking forward to some progress - unfortunately the price. Thus, the Bimmer now costs 76,600 euros (Coupé: 82,900 euros), but he lit the future standard of Full LED headlights, taillights also appear contemporary in the new lighting technology. Further amendments to the M4 are limited primarily to the inner values. Excluded is the three-liter six-cylinder with twin turbochargers, which continues to make 431 hp. Rather, the changes relate to the interior of the M4 facelift, in which the illuminated M emblems were redesigned on the front seats and numerous chrome and electroplating decor adorns the dashboard. Speaking of the cockpit, here runs with the M4 a fashion, contrasting double seam. In addition, the display of the M4 Facelift (2017) received a revision, appear in future user defined tile look. The buttons let BMW make generally slimmer, which is only useful to the elegance of the cockpit. And of course there are cosmetic gadgetry surcharge: So the multifunctional instrument display can adjust its display depending on driving style color: red in the program Sport, blue for Eco Pro and with black background and conventional pointer instruments in Comfort!