Fast & amp; # 039; n-Loud-Star rescues ailing workshops

Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings has a new TV show! In "Garage Rehab" (Discovery Channel) saves the moderator of Fast'n Loud workshops, which are struggling to survive. The first episode kicks off on August 30, 2017!

Richard Rawlings, already deeply revered worldwide auto fans tinkering diligently on his status as Car Messiah. On August 30, 2017 his new TV series called start "Garage Rehab" (In German: Workshop renovation) on the Discovery Channel. In which he helps unsuccessful workshops, which are struggling to survive, again out of trouble. Active support for the Gas Monkey Garage owner of Russell J. Holmes and Chris Stephens. The TV station accompanied the trio on his trip through the United States, always looking for a "garage", Which is dependent on the expertise of the three car crack. In each episode of the new TV show of Fast'n-Loud-Star takes the reins of a poorly running business and hits instead of the owner of the necessary decisions. Rawlings ability as an entrepreneur to think, coupled with his deep knowledge of the automotive industry and marketing to bring not only the business, but also the lives of the workshop owner back into the right lane. 

"Garage Rehab in the teaser video:

Richard Rawlings in new TV series "Garage Rehab"

Holmes takes over in the new TV series "Garage Rehab" the role of the project manager, who watches over the time frame and budget. A 20-year-old professional practice and go to pieces to see his father's business, the annoying experience, Holmes should help. Stephens in turn, is an expert in restoration of European classics, so knows how to look a garage and is responsible for the alterations to the workshop. A teaser video (see above) gives a taste of "Garage Rehab",