Engine oil also change themselves?

make oil change itself or by car to the workshop? How high are the costs? How often change? And one can bring his own motor oil into the Wekstatt? Our guide on oil changes are answers to the most important questions!

Since engine oil over time due to metal particles, dust and the residues of the combustion process "dirty" degrade and the additives is contained therein, regular oil changes according to the manufacturer's instructions are important in order to keep the load of the engine as low as possible. A change of the oil filter offers itself on this occasion. Whether you need to or in the workshop, it makes itself, is a question of cost and your own abilities. We have compiled the most important questions on the topic of engine oil and oil changes and answered.

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The right engine oil find (video):

Engine oil change: Cost of times & the right oil

What regular oil changes?
The tasks that are placed on motor oil, are as varied as demanding. It lubricates, cools, cleans and protects the engine beyond against corrosion. Through the space formed by the oil lubrication film is prevented that the movable engine parts from seizing due to friction, which would have a total loss of the motor result in the worst case. At the same engine oil acts as a fine seal between the cylinder face and scraper ring of the piston and cools the claimed by the running engine parts. Dirt particles generated by engine operation, such as caused by combustion residue are bound by the circulating engine oil and so prevented from deposition. They accumulate in the oil filter until it is saturated. Then the "dirty" Engine oil for the engine dangerous as this penetrates unfiltered into the machine. In contrast, help regular change of engine oil and oil filter.

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So you change the engine oil itself (video):

Change workshop or engine oil yourself?

What engine oil do you need?
When using the wrong engine oil in the worst case, engine damage can threaten. Quick guidance on what engine requires that motor oil, thus making a look at the user manual of the car. Under the point "Engine oil" one finds mostly all relevant information and the vendor approved engine oils. And the information whether the engine oil to be used for diesel or gasoline engine, is usually the front of the oil can - in doubt but you can always ask at the gas station. The choice between mineral and synthetic oil is a matter of your own preference. Synthetic oils are usually provide from a cost point more expensive special oils that are about helping to save fuel for more cooling or do not have to be changed over time. But beware: if you use a synthetic oil, this should also regularly use and do not change with each refill. Incidentally, it is not necessarily always the same expensive branded oil is also cheap motor oils at the discount or hardware store are fine. This was the result independent testing.

How often do you have to change the engine oil?
How often you should change your engine oil and oil filter can also be found in the user manual of the car. but is generally valid even today the rule: every 10,000 km or every 12 months, whichever comes first. However, certain factors, such as individual driving style and the associated potential load on the engine, have an effect on the recommended change interval. Problematic are especially frequent short trips, such as in city traffic, since not burned by the numerous cold starts of gasoline components thin out the engine oil and thus can reduce both flow and lubricity of the oil. Another problem is engine oils in diesel engines. Here soot particles can in fact lead to a thickening of the engine oil. This can be especially in winter and during cold weather a nuisance because it hinders the cold start. If you often in the winter months on short-haul traveling, it therefore makes sense to shorten the intervals between oil changes.

Must also the oil filter be changed?
Compared with engine oil, the cost of a Ölfitlers be limited (about 10 euros), so this is best mitausgetauscht same with every oil change. In the engine oil filter plays a central role, as it cleans the engine oil of particles that settle during the oil circuit it. But of course as a filter at some point close, because the filtered and deposited particles ensure that the engine oil can no longer be adequately cleaned. By then, an oil and oil filter change is necessary. If the oil filter completely, the engine is indeed still powered by a bypass valve with oil, but doing all harmful particles come unfiltered into the engine, which at worst can lead to engine damage. So here rather spare no expense.

What costs are incurred when changing the oil in the workshop?
The price of oil changes in the workshop is calculated from three factors consisting of veranschlagtem wages, filling quantity and price per liter of engine oil used. Wages and cost of the engine oil, of course, vary from workshop to workshop, here you should not be afraid you to compare prices or demand for a cheaper oil when changing. These are of course cost differences between contractual and independent garages. In an authorized repair an oil change can sometimes cost between 100 and 150 euros, while free workshops do even more favorable offers.

One can bring his own engine oil to the workshop?
Motor oil is usually cheaper than in the shop in stores. When changing the oil to save costs by itself brought with oil but not necessarily work. The workshop may reject its use in the context of freedom of contract, such as the Central Association of German automotive industry (ZDK) informs. Constantin Hack from the Auto Club Europa (ACE) says: "We advise consumers who want to bring their oil, before calling at the workshop to clarify whether it is prepared to use it"

How do you change the engine oil yourself?
Change the engine oil itself is not half as complicated as it sounds or imply costs in the workshop. Everything was you need is the right oil, tool, funnel and measuring cup, and a steady hand. Before changing oil should drive the engine warm, so that the waste oil is less viscous and flows better when changing. Warm oil also keeps the dirt particles in suspension so that they are easily washed out during the oil change with. Thereafter, the carriage should be parked so that it is accessible from below, for example through a pit or on a hoist. keep ready necessarily a container (oil pan), which collects the discharged waste oil, as this must be disposed of at a workshop or other collection point for used oil. Who can seep waste oil in the ground, makes itself according to the environmental fines catalog punishable and risking heavy fines of up to 100,000 euros! Then, when present, solve the underbody paneling on the oil drain plug and turning it slightly. In most cases the oil begins to run out very quickly. Until the old oil completely drained, time goes by, which is why it lends itself, in the meantime, turn off the oil filter with a filter wrench and remove together with the old rubber seal. Moisten the new rubber gasket with a little oil, adjust and strong screw the new oil filter by hand: Done! The used oil drained away, the new engine oil can be replenished, preferably by using a measuring cup, so that the specified user in the car oil quantity is also maintained accurately. After filling the oil cap is screwed on and the engine just started to distribute the oil. Finally, the oil level should be checked briefly, depending on the result of the oil level measurement must then be refilled or drained again. A practical alternative to drain through the oil pan by the way is the oil pump, which costs about 30 euros and pumps off the used oil using a hose over the opening of the oil dipstick. Whether the deposits of the lowest point of the oil pan to be removed with this method, however, about the ghosts.

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