New GT-R will cost 99,900 euros

The Nissan GT-R facelift (2016) starts in August for the starting price of 99,900 euros. With the performance upgrade of the Japanese racer now has 570 hp and peak tempos confident than ever!

In August, is probably the last facelift of the Nissan GT-R (2016) in the wings before 2020 rolls a new generation GT-R at the start at the latest. The revised GT-R is a bit more expensive and is available at an introductory price starting from 99,900 euros (hitherto 96,400 euros). The careful modifications of mittlwerweile nine year old Nissan GT-R fall on only upon close inspection: So Nissan sends the athlete with a modified front (larger grille, smaller daytime running lights) and a slightly modified apron into the new model year. At the bottom of the GT-R a new chin spoiler lip lurks. Buyers of the now fourth GT-R facelift can look forward to at least 20 extra hp. Nissan inoculated to the twin turbo-charged 3.8 liter V6 now instead of 550 PS 570, and 633 Newton meters of torque. The Nissan GT-R makes meantime so almost 100 hp more than in 2007 for the launch, Nissan has the six-speed dual-clutch transmission and the exhaust system (now made of titanium) revised again. The optimized control box manages the courses according to Nissan more smoothly, the exhaust can gallop the 570 horses even wilder.

Price: GT-R facelift will cost 99,900 euros

A comprehensive update is also available in the cockpit of the GT-R at Nissan now attaches importance to the concept "Premium", New fixtures and tools, even more high-quality leather and brand new: "steering-linked" Shift paddles on the steering wheel. Four colors for the interior are in future to choose from. For a better overview Nissan has reduced the formerly 27 buttons and switches on eight!

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