Crass transporter with powerful PS

X-Tomi Design has been buttoned a few vans and freed them from their dusty, stuffy image - at least on the screen. The VW Touran makes the GTI as her powerful thing. Also, the Ford Tourneo Custom ST looks like fun.

Family cars or vans are boring and dull? If it were up to this frenzied transporters, the persistent prejudice would become obsolete quickly. The VW Touran as GTI comes thanks to the boost function of the latest GTI engine at a kick down to a power of up to 290 horsepower and torque up to 380 newton meters. The new wheels, bumpers and side skirts fit the Touran looks more to his new power. Also goes with the GTI logo on the front, the 220 hp two-liter gasoline engine under the hood and a lot of space in the rear of Use for mortar, trowel and champion VW Crafter, T6 or alternatively, like the VW Caddy full steam ahead to the next site , That a plant-pimped Transporter quite finds its buyers, Ford has already demonstrated with the 130-hp Transit Sport. And according to this model, as well as a similar style Photoshop artists X-Tomi Design has trimmed common van on sports. And what goes for transit, but should function as malicious ST version also the Ford Tourneo Custom. And that's why X-Tomi has also fired up this transporter at the drawing board.

VW Touran GTI & Co. in the video:

Sporty Transportation: VW Touran GTI & Co.

What's VW GTI or R is for Opel OPC and Citroën the predicate Racing: Accordingly show not only the VW Caddy and VW T6 in GTI and R-Sport suits, the transport of other brands may in the virtual Muckiebude , So does the Opel Vivaro brushing sporty bumpers and Alus, on loan from the mid-top model Opel Insignia OPC. How desirable transporters can be due to thick Alloy Wheels, voracious cooling vents and wider track, demonstrated not least by the Ford Transit RS. Aggressive Cologne van stretches his snout into the air, and allows the drag coefficient shrink to the size of a brick at least visually. A dark grille, black rims and headlights make the bad appearance of the Ford Transit RS completely. Thus the craftsmen rush the prejudice it. Prejudice? What prejudice! More information: For the X4 would see as a pick-up from