VW bus I.D. Buzz from 2022 commercially

With the VW I.D. Buzz rolled the descendant of the T1 Bullis effectively, clearly recognizable as such and as modern as ever in the spotlight. 2022 VW has announced the start of production of the electrical Bullis.

The Bulli is a popular figure! And since Volkswagen can just use any goodwill in America, the VW will I.D. Buzz from 2022 come on the market. This was confirmed by Volkswagen on the edge of the Concours d'Elegance in California's 2017 Pebble Beach: "With electric drive and a completely stripped-design we can do it after many failed attempts with the I.D. Buzz finally to transmit the fascination of the first VW bus in the future"Said brand chief Herbert Diess overlooking the almost 70-year-old VW van that has become as Bulli become an icon and inspiration for the VW I.D. will be Buzz (2022). However, fans will have to wait a little longer this T1. As one of at least five electric cars the new I.D. family of Buzz will go on sale until 2022, Diess admitted - some three years after the large-scale e-offensive with an I.D. to start in golf format in of 2019.

VW I.D. Buzz in the video:

VW I.D. Buzz 2,022 in trade

What the VW I.D. Buzz (2022) from the original Bulli takes next to the design, especially the large space. Because the entire drive technology disappears into the car floor, can inside eight passengers sit so comfortable that the hitherto almost five-meter-long car even slightly shrinks again on the way to the series: "Inside as spacious as a current VW bus and the outside as compact as a Touran", Dzemal Sjenar are dictating the direction of development. So you can invite back 660 to 4,600 liters and all over again accommodate 200 liters of luggage. Nevertheless, the VW is I.D. Buzz (2022) a handy car: Because you can hit the 22-inch model unusually far the turning circle is less than eleven meters. In driving the VW bring I.D. Buzz (2022) two electric motors on the front and rear axles that come on together 374 hp, accelerating in just under five seconds to 150 and be governed only with 160 things.

600 km range in VW I.D. Buzz (2022)

Supplied from the lithium-ion batteries in the underbody driving the VW I.D. Buzz (2022) up to 600 kilometers before the 111 kWh are exhausted. And so you do not have to wait so long with the Continue thereafter, a 150 kW-loaders for short pit stops provides: Within 30 minutes, the batteries are charged to 80 percent. Because the car is six months on again and the space is very different from the concept of Buzz differs from the I.D. especially in the interior - and is much more consistent on the "Pilot mode" tailored. For if the electronics takes command, then the driver must no longer hold the mutated to Lenkpad steering wheel. Instead, he can rotate his seat 180 degrees and address the backers. Especially since there are then anyway not much to see except the front of the landscape. Finally, the cockpit is completely without buttons and the only ads run across the enriched with augmented reality head-up display and a tablet, which can move largely freely in the car and after driving even can take out. In the reincarnation of Bulli VW thinks not only to families but also to companies. In parallel with the car variant will therefore also a VW I.D. developed Buzz Cargo (2022) for the electric delivery vehicles, the manufacturer continues.