Update on the BMW i8

After three years the BMW i8 could get a facelift for the 2017th According to rumors, the model update will get some improvements, which are used already in the i8 safety car of Formula E, including more range and performance.

The BMW i8 facelift to the 2017 soon 4 year old BMW i8 undergoing the first generation of a makeover before it may be calculated from 2022 with the successor generation. Thus, the adopted from the i3 electric motor in the facelift with 170 hp instead of 131 to go to work, but there may be tapped from the previously 231 bhp three cylinder turbo gasoline engine while still reserves. In the BMW i8 Facelift (2017) includes services from 400 to 420 hp would be realistic. More power but not does not necessarily mean less range, at least when it comes to plans for the BMW i8 Facelift (2017).

BMW i8 Spyder concept car in the video:

First information on the BMW i8 Facelift (2017)

With revised memory modules alone the electric range could already increase to around 50 kilometers, while the i8 known from the safety car, inductive charging technology could also be applied fpr the facelift. Even with a comprehensive update suspension should be expected. Though here the safety car Pate is, then the BMW gets i8 Facelift (2017) not only new chassis suspensions, but also new spring / damper tuning and 20-inch rims on Sport tires to ensure especially on the front axle for better grip, should please what critics of the handling characteristics of the first i8 generation.