This Ferrari was scrap

Like a phoenix from the ashes of this Ferrari Enzo risen! The Italian crashed at 260 km / h was divided into two parts and was given a second life yet.

Like a phoenix from the ashes rose again this Ferrari Enzo, and is now celebrating its second life with a new owner. As one of just 400 pieces it is an absolute exotic; and at that time 662,000 Euro list price a priceless for the majority dream. In Ferrari red "Rosso Corsa" delivered Ferrari Enzo with six-liter V12 took his time Formula technology on the road. Body made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, carbon ceramic brakes and a speed-dependent spoiler, which keeps the 660 hp on the road. And if the V12 in the rear opened its deafening sound from the stack, he catapulted the Ferrari Enzo in just 3.27 seconds from 0 to 100 and in 9.5 seconds to 200. The end of the acceleration orgy is only at 355 km / h reached , But in 2006 the Enzo's over-driving performance undoing, as his driver on the other side of the 260 km / h in control of the Italian beast lost and crashed. Miraculously the passenger compartment remained intact and the driver almost unharmed. The two-part (!) Ferrari but was solid scrap.

Accident Enzo Ferrari Classiche certified

Nevertheless, the Ferrari Technical Assistance Service took his and built the Ferrari Enzo to scratch. Now the Italians shines with metallic black "Nero Daytona" in a new light. Inside contrasts a new Ferrari-red leather interior. Even the V12 powerhouse in the rear of the Ferrari Enzo looks like freshly arrived from the tape. And where the car was disassembled, it offered itself to build in a better sound system. Therefore, in the newly designed carbon fiber center console an Alpine radio collection, which is supported by the amplifier and CD changer in the trunk held. Despite the accident Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Classiche is certified with only 2,500 kilometers on the clock. The value of the Ferraris with two lives by the way estimated at around 1.99 million euros. More information: auctioned Ferrari FXX

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