Brutal treatment

Brutal treatment of GAD Tuner: Instead of the 517 V8 gets the lightning quick C63 of Mercedes-AMG a new heart implanted. The power boost? More than 300 hp!

The Mercedes C-Class is its sporty champion C63 AMG Black Series. Here is raging a 517-hp 6.2-liter V8 used in the middle class from Stuttgart racing atmosphaere and guarantees a permanent subscription to the left highway lane.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series: 861 PS of GAD

But boundaries are sometimes variable, indicating tuner GAD from the Swabian Fellbach that the performance potential of the spearhead is not exhausted: Instead of the frog of the series is a bi-turbo upgraded variant of the 5.5-liter V8 from the E63 AMG for use. This engine generates after installation whopping 861 horsepower, which hit with full force to all four wheels. The top speed is 300 km / which can be reached after 23.5 seconds h.

To stop this concentrated power stop, the power is automatically distributed via 4Matic, further helping to GAD C63 Black Series Bi-Turbo 4Matic a KW coilover suspension and a high-performance brake system made of carbon fiber to keep the car maneuverable. In terms of price, the tuner says: For the full refurbishment 180,350 euros to be called - and the more than 100,000-euro base vehicle is not yet included.

Patrick Freiwah