Full power

Body Engineering missed the BMW 1 Series M Coupe 500 hp. degrees of intervention into the engine are necessary for the performance improvement

It is not so long ago, there were 500 PS the privilege of a handpicked supercar far beyond the norm, but thanks to modern turbo-charging and always more powerful engines in smaller and smaller cars, conditions in recent years have changed dramatically. be who BMW 1 Series M Coupe today body Engineering brings drives available with more horsepower than a Ferrari F40 from the farm.

Body Engineering BMW 1 Series M Coupe: Tuning brings 500 hp

Who wants to use this power, however, have to dare get down to the 3.0-liter straight-six: Larger turbochargers, modified intake system, a completely redesigned cooling system and a new exhaust system are the basis for successful software optimization with the 500 hp strong result. Who waived the hardware changes, after all, gets 400 horsepower.

But performance is notoriously not everything, which is why the tuner from casting also helps the suspension on the jumps: A coilover suspension from Bilstein to the BMW 1 Series M breathe even more dynamic, to get 20-inch alloy wheels with sports tires of Yokohama - and thus the new rims are not overlooked, they stand out clearly with blue powder coating of gray foiling the rest of the vehicle from.

Thus, the appearance of the compact sports, although definitely not normal, but why he should be in a car with 500 horsepower? Those who still prefer a discreet, the performance improvement gets in Giessen course even without the eye-catching Tuning-Look our photo model.

Benny Hiltscher