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The tuner TJ-vehicle design built the ten-cylinder engine of the BMW M5 (E60) in a normal 1 Series Coupe - with furious result

Actually, you wanted to offer only one alternative. An attempt at a solution, almost a kind of consolation prize. More precisely, a replica of the limited and equally sold-out BMW 1 Series M Coupe for those who were late with their appointment time off. But then everything changed. With targeted reach into the supposedly wrong parts shelf wanders the legendary V10 from the BMW M5 E60 in the engine compartment of 1er coupe. The result is a ruthless driving machine with 550 HP at a curb weight of 1630 kilograms. Disturbed passers there is nothing to it.

BMW 1 Series Coupe by TJ vehicle design with 550 horsepower ten-cylinder

These changes Tuner TJ-vehicle design the map of the 2010 built up ten-cylinder engine and increases the maximum speed of 8600 revolutions - the resulting sound can well imagine. In addition, a carbon airbox will be installed for the 43 additional horsepower compared to the production performance. To such a extreme renovation to give a certain life and driving ability, but it takes more than a simple engine conversion.

Abridged cardan shaft and SMG gearbox derived, among other parts, from engine donor M5: And so another shopping spree in the parts bearing the M GmbH is necessary. The front axle and brakes on the rear axle actually come out of the 1 Series M Coupe and the front brakes one borrows the new M5 F10. the puzzle is completed then by the exhaust system and steering wheel of the BMW M3 and a Clubsport coilovers from KW.

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350 hours later, the sheet then reads as follows: zero to one hundred in 4.2 seconds, two hundred km / h to about 12 seconds and a maximum speed of 340 km / h by the speed limiter. All right! Prices are TJ-Fahreugdesign also known: Who randomly eh has all the ingredients already in the garage, paid 19,999 euros for the reconstruction and if this is not so, approximately 108,000 euros will be due. A lot of money for a BMW 1 Series, a bargain for a ten-cylinder Superportler and a perfectly acceptable consolation - because you're running late with the BMW 1 Series M Coupe V10 5.0 SMG In any case never again ...
Jonas Eling