Evoque Convertible from 51,200 euros

With the Evoque Convertible legs away Range Rover in the fledgling genre of vehicle SUV convertibles and relies on the same lifestyle strengths that have made the Evoque closed for success hit. Price and market launch.

Range Rover has given the market launch announced the price of the Evoque Convertible un, the SUV convertible to 51,200 euros from rolling to the dealer. From June 2016 it starts. Range Rover Evoque will throw to the open the next trump card in the game. The British temptation of a retractable roof sheet have resisted and the Evoque Convertible tailored a pretty cloth cap. Because up to the behind the belt line slipped rear spoiler it does not change much on the base body, the Convertible is unlike the hapless and therefore quickly set Nissan Murano similar chic and attention because as the coupe, which serves as the base. Open the open-air SUV is a feast for the eyes and also closed succeeded so that you do not want to instinctively look away as with many other convertibles. However, maintaining the characteristic silhouette was just a challenge for the developers. The other lies rather in the roots of the brand. Just because the Evoque Convertible is a jet-setter-car, it may be in the mud no worse hit than any other Evoque. "With or without roof: A Land Rover remains a Land Rover"Says project manager Michelle O'Conner.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible (2016) also shines in the terrain

Michelle O'Conner tells of massive body stiffeners and torturing tests in all climates and on all surfaces. And he talks about how difficult it was to program the automatic roll bar so that they shoot in an emergency situation, although in a few fractions of a second from the partition behind the rear seats, that they are not accidentally triggered the toughest terrain ride. But the effort was worth it: "Whether wading depth or slope angle, traction or climbing ability - in all offroad disciplines, the Evoque Convertible achieves the same results as the coupe"Says O'Connor. And without bending and breaking and without crackling and creaking, as he proudly demonstrated at a test drive in the still glued prototypes.

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