Angular, edgy, ASPEC Golf

So a fierce front apron has been seen recently with VW on just now featured Golf R400 concept, is now trying the Chinese Tuner ASPEC conventional VW Golf R as aufzudonnern. There is also positioned hurries 400 horsepower, but that's anyway degree in fashion.

Adding to the 300-hp VW Golf R can pump up to 400 hp, which has indeed become rumgesprochen in the tuning scene. And the shock waves of 2015 already introduced Golf R400 concept sent out are even felt to China. There you have the unusually violent Design of emergency concept found favor and baked yourself a few visual highlights for the series-R. The new front apron including edged air intakes of PPV400 baptized golf becomes more aggressive than ever and complimented optically the raised from ASPEC to 400 hp power of the two-liter turbo - of course!

VW model range in the video:

ASPEC: Clear edge and 400 hp for the Golf R

An equally matching finish, there was also for the rear, which embeds the four tailpipes blend in a new apron along with enormous diffuser. So chic framed, it brings the silver-painted R on the Chinese test track at speeds that are likely inferior to 280 km / h of R400 Concepts in anything. And even if it is never seen as a production Golf street, so it's kind of comforting when tuner as ASPEC try, thus taking the PPV400 at least in similar fields. Perhaps the shock waves come so back again to Wolfsburg ...

More information: VW Scirocco of ASPEC

ASPEC tunes VW Golf (video):