Xbox dedicated Paul Walker console

"Nearly & Furious" one of the most successful film series ever. In memory of the late Paul Walker Microsoft has designed a special Xbox One S, which at Walker's first car "The Fast and the Furious" oriented. Vin Diesel already advertises the unique piece.

It could be Microsoft for its Xbox One S "Paul Walker Edition" easy Geldscheffelei with the commemoration of the deceased "Nearly & Furious"accuse icon, but the proceeds for the unique piece for charity purposes. Xbox organizes for the third time oriented, charitable livestream event under the title Game4Paul, held in honor of Paul Walker and his commitment to people. The resulting revenue then go directly to ROWW, a nonprofit organization for disaster relief, which was founded by Paul Walker themselves to help those in need following natural disasters faster. "I found the idea for the Xbox already great when it all began for Paul and The Fast and the Furious, with this fantastic individual design of the console"Says Cody Walker, Paul's brother and now CEO of Reach Out WorldWide. "It is highly important to continue the work of ROWW and we very much welcome that Microsoft designed this Xbox One S and giving away as part of our Game4Paul." The console will be raffled off at a raffle on October 1, 2017th

All facts Nearly 8 in the video:

Nearly & Furious: Xbox One S "Paul Walker Edition"

The unique Xbox One S "Paul Walker Edition" is similar in design to the green-blue Mitsubishi Eclipse, whose 435-hp four-cylinder engine Paul Walker in the role of Brian O'Connor in the very first film "Nearly & Furious"gunned franchises. Therefore, the console is a real collector's item, but also for fans of the film series not only for fans of video games. Some of the closest friends of Paul Walker and members of the Fast-and-Furious occupation are immortalized with their autograph on it, including Vin Diesel, who already was promoting the raffle in social media. Also, Tyrese Gibson and Cody Walker signed on the Xbox. Fans who participate in the draw, or want to support ROWW can contribute and make Game4Paul live under