New cars in Detroit

All highlights and premieres of the Detroit Auto Show 2016 (11 to 24 January). At the NAIAS Mercedes shows the new E-Class, the SLC and the luxury convertible S 65 AMG. Volvo brings the S90, Kia a luxury SUV concept and the Hyundai Genesis subsidiary is moving into the premium segment with the G90.

The new year begins not only in the sky traditional with a fireworks display, the auto industry pops the cork of the year start. At the Detroit Auto Show 2016 (11 to 24 January) a number of important innovations world premiere and indicate in advance with which vehicles, the manufacturers want to bring their customers in the coming year out of his mind. Kia brings an SUV study at the start, are the views of the new design language of the Koreans. Mercedes shows three new products in the US. Airy is the SLK's successor SLC and the V12 monster Mercedes-AMG S 65 convertible. The star of the Daimler stand however, will be the new Mercedes E-Class, will be 2016, the enthusiasm among other things, a high-tech cockpit S-class level and unquestionably one of the highlights. Of these, the Swedes are not deterred and present with the new Volvo S90 a serious upper-class opponents. In the same line Hyundai's new premium gegründerte daughter Genesis suggests the G90. The Koreans will take on luxury, it even. Of course, the American manufacturer Lincoln uses the home game at the NAIAS 2016. The Lincoln Continental 2016, the Ford subsidiary wants to score, especially in the domestic market and in Asia and have a say in the lucrative luxury - if the limo comes to Europe , may be doubted. More information: Infiniti Q50 at the Detroit Auto Show

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Detroit highlights of the Mercedes E-Class and Volvo S90

Certainly also intended for our hands, however, is the BMW M2, which let the Munich pop the corks in her 100th birthday. The compact sports car uses suspension technology from the M4 and wants to stir up the elite of the compact sports strong with balanced weight distribution and 370 hp straight-six. the move also sporty Porsche is the new 911 Turbo. Whether the top penalty to welcome the sport comrades McLaren 570 GT in Detroit, is not yet assured. Pomp and circumstance balance the down to earth news from Ford and Audi: The Ingolstadt show the Mittelklässler A4 Allroad as Audi Q6 and the h-tron quattro concept. Ford reveals the fusion facelift as the Mondeo will look in the future with us. Also, Kia and Infiniti attack in the middle class. By which? This answer and any further news from the Detroit Auto Show 2016 please refer to our photo gallery.