Flip Flop is dead? Not on RS 7

Flip-flop totally 90s? Not if it after Sprühfolien expert Autoflex goes. one in the commercial holding Audi RS 7 to demonstrate colorful Sprühfolie ago - and is a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Given this Audi RS 7, the images come up again. Pictures of dazzlingly colorful, bold tricked-tuning cars of the 1990s. So blatant the hype of the flip-flop lacquer was so extreme was the crash of the colorful hue in the 2000s. Flip-flop? Even today, out! But not when it comes to car Flex. The paint professionals have an Audi RS pimped 7 to make of the 1990s. Though not with paint but with Sprühfolie. The 560-hp racer is really not suspected, often having to serve for tuning. Even more striking finding: flip-flop is the Audi RS 7, and how! Since not only the four-liter V8 with 700 Newton meters of torque and a hearty acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in just 3.9 seconds bangs.

Audi model range (sports) in the video:

The Audi RS 7 as roving Farbklecks

Visually makes the Audi now looks very impressive. The Sprühfolien paint transforms the RS 7 in a raging Farbklecks. According Sprühfolienhersteller Autoflex these flip-flop lacquer should be applied the way easily. In addition, the Sprühfolien varnish to form a nose, strong shine - and that makes him quite especially be resistant to scratches. In view of the colorful Audi RS 7 is a new flip-flop Trend nothing in the way, right?