Show images LaFerrari successor?

Apparently the Italian super sports car manufacturer tinkering probably on at a Special Project Basis of laferrari, as just prove leaked patent drawings! However, so far no one knows how far the development of the new super sports car has taken root. First information on the Ferrari prototype!

It is not unusually for a carmaker to publish pictures of a new project. In the case of a suspected Ferrari Special Project but we get no finished prototype to face, but only the patent images and renderings. The images are to come from the Epa, the European Patent Office and show a car that reminds optically clear in the laferrari. The legendary super sports car with 963 hp was introduced in 2013 and was limited in appearance to just 499 copies, all of whom were already reserved in appearance. Could it even involve the successor of laferrari therefore in patent images?

The last laferrari in the video:

Patent images show mysterious Ferrari

As can be seen in the pictures, the car is different compared to the real LaFerrari by a changed front with LED strip for headlights. The tail was also modified. So the round tail lights of the LaFerrari had also soft new LED lights. The whole look is flat and overall aggressive. It may be speculated whether behind the design really Ferraris Special Project Division is - draws a division of the manufacturer, the specific individual items on special Kuddenwusch - or whether it really is a completely new Ferrari model. What is certain only that the patent entries in Epa are in fact due to Ferrari. One may wonder whether the illustrations will soon follow photos of an actual car.