China’s first Smartcar

The Roewe RX5 is China's first Smartcar. Now started to build this series - a development which even Google and Apple have not yet reached. Each car will have its own ID that it can be unambiguously identified. Brave new world!

The Roewe RX5 is China's first Smartcar. In cooperation with Alibaba, the largest Chinese automaker SAIC Motor Group (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) goes one step further and claims to have built the compact SUV the first production Smartcar the world. Alibaba, a Chinese equivalent of Amazon, Google and Apple in one person wants in the race for the Internet of Things to be ahead in the coming years. Neither Google nor Apple can show a production-ready Smartcar far. While Google, of course, relies on Android operating system and Apple carplay has developed (on iOS base), tinkers in the Roewe RX5 the Linux version Yunos, which dates from the Alibaba subsidiary AliCloud. Some Android apps run on Yunos, but the two systems are largely incompatible with each other. Alibaba has announced to make the Yunos platform open, which would allow foreign suppliers to constantly improve the functionality of the software. Each Roewe RX5 gets a unique ID assigned, which uniquely identifies the car. So can be combined with the payment service AliPay various cost situations make more comfortable. The car could pay the bills for refueling, for the car wash, for parking and tolls automatically without the driver having to get out. AliPay has over 300 registered users in China.

The Roewe RX5 costs from 20,200 Euro

System operating in an Roewe RX5 Yunos should be able to identify different drivers and store their preferred settings for music and air conditioning. Based on previous trips, it can also suggest nearby restaurants. In addition to the centrally placed screen in the center console four 360-degree cameras provide a comprehensive all-round view. Depending on the country in which a Roewe RX5 is traveling, the recordings obtained in this way can be used under certain circumstances even in court to accident proof. The Chinese Smartcar can even capture drones and manage those risks when they approach the car. Whether that has real value or only a useless gimmick, can not yet be assessed currently, of course. In Germany, such an accompanying fly should in any case be collected by the legislature. The Roewe RX5 will be in China to buy from August 2016 and although at an entry level price equivalent to 20,200 euros.

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