Less waiting time

delivery times normalize: Most compact, mini and microcars are usually back two to three months after ordering the customer

Cologne, October 28, 2011 - Consumers can look forward to some popular models already 6-12 weeks after ordering - the result of an analysis of the Internet intermediary MeinAuto.de. So wait on customers, Germany's second most popular compact car Opel Astra order currently only nine weeks of the BMW 1 Series is even within six to seven weeks on the doorstep. "The situation has largely relaxed especially with the importers. Most of our customers do not wait longer than two to three months for the delivery of the new cars."White Alexander Bugge, CEO of MeinAuto.de.

Foreign microcars: short lead times - up to 37% discount

The shortest delivery times in the market currently offer foreign manufacturers of microcars. The C1 Citroën and Toyota Aygo are already after six to eight weeks before the door of the customer. The Fiat Panda attracts buyers in addition to the delivery time of just six weeks with an additional discount of 37% off list price.

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"Besides a fast availability of order vehicles especially customers of small and micro cars can look forward to at the end of the price offensives by the manufacturer."Says expert Alexander Bugge the current market situation. Also popular small cars such as the Opel Corsa (2nd place) and Ford Fiesta (3rd place) not be long in coming nine weeks, and eight to ten weeks for delivery.