Shooting Brake to dream

If sports car and wagon collide, a fascinating symbiosis like the Ford Mustang shooting brake can occur. Unfortunately, the Ami remains a dream car with V8 power.

Take heart, this Ford Mustang shooting brake could we liked! But when it comes to special body versions based on popular models, the German manufacturers have conjured up some novelty out of the hat in recent years. That there is enough space for similar actions on the other side of the Atlantic, the Ford Mustang shooting brake is Theophilus Chin. Although Photoshop designs are currently only a thought experiment, but they have indisputably its charm and show the potential that lies in the American Fastback: Even with a practical combination stern this muscle car makes a brilliant figure, but could attract even more customers and for as many Americans have all the ingredients for a fully suitable for everyday use jester on board. In the luggage compartment of the Ford Mustang Shooting Brake is certainly not only the weekend shopping and luggage for the holidays could accommodate easily, but for two - and, incidentally, the V8 with 5.0 liters of displacement would always be able to one or another intermediate sprint to lie and to destroy so many millimeters tire rubber effectively.

Facts about the Ford Mustang in the video:

Ford Mustang shooting brake with dream cars potential

Real plans for a Ford Mustang shooting brake, there is not yet, instead, the Americans focused as usual on the classic fastback coupe and the acoustically even more tempting convertible. A large enough demand for a third, more practical variant of the sixth generation Mustang is not suspected at Ford apparently. Important for the worldwide sales of the offer comparatively economical four-cylinder is likely to be, in fact, makes the Mustang for people with slightly smaller fuel budget attractive. And since the sixth generation is officially offered the first Mustang in Europe, the numbers are already significantly above those of the predecessor.