Only you and the machine

One Sunday morning in summer: only the Morgan Roadster, empty roads and a few kilos of CO2. Oh yes!

Key data
PS kW226 hp (166 kW)
driveRear 5-speed manual
0-100 km / h4.9 seconds
top speed232 km / h
price56,833.00 €

Very hedonistic consumed a cracking fresh organic spelled bread, washed away with two cups brühfrischem Fair Trade coffee the night - maybe I'm still a "new eco", pleasure and good conscience go with me always hand in hand. Well, the salary of AUTOZEITUNG allows me, but without the family pack bake-on cakes get along quite often from Aldi Norma Penny. I tell you, dear reader, thank you for that. If you wanted to always know where your money disappears dark channels - in my case, you know it now. Oh, and I pay 112 square meter semi-detached house, entertain with your money two hearted children and a lovely wife. Even by those peals: reward you God!

If one of the, er, the devil says, home, the two future payers of Deputies pension of Ms Künast just pull her mom the blanket off his feet - and I can utterly alone here
be traveling outside with one of the most soulful of automobiles currently so bitter ailing car market. Sometimes life is really unfair.

An eternally long hood stretches out before me, curving fenders I Peile sent by the low windshield. The buzzing roar of the Ford six-cylinder engine hums and is roaring into the narrow cockpit aft, acts never aggressive, but calm and sonorous. A soul massage from a Vau to three liters in six four strokes.

The 203 hp like pull no trees and pull anyone's lips to the ears - in view of its low weight but creates the Morgan Roadster a sprint from a standing start to highway speed in at least under five seconds. Theoretically. Because the true nature of the V6 is energetic cruising closer than daring violins. Relatively quickly, I find myself hardly take out the last gear and adjust the tempo of the small sports car only with the accelerator on uphill and downhill slopes, approaching curves and wide opening line.

Through a lush green river valley, the Morgan swings further and further away from home. In the moist cool northern corners of the autumn has laid in wait already mossy, earthy, mushroom-like, while the curves toward the south side of the valley still all carry the sick and warm smells of summer.

Over bumps the rear leaf springs stumble uncompromising rustic, the chassis of wood is manifested in significant distortions. I suck the life of the vehicle literally in me - wonderful to feel the movements, characteristics and creaking noises is. On and on ...

And suddenly I hear the real story that will tell me this wild dog: Car Driving is still a democratic declaration of independence. To maintain this, I'll let my transplant because of me an electric motor in the Morgan, no problem. But I will people who do not like me and do not understand not account. Not my money, not my love, not about my Where and Why. Also thank you for that, dear reader, that you understand the ...

Pause. I stare for minutes quietly on this sculpture made of metal and wood. Car Driving without all of modernity and political correctness ballast. Recommendation among friends: There is also the Morgan 4/4 Sport small 1.6er four-cylinder, 800 kilos, gray college, black wheels - a relentless driving machine. And 39,500 euros no bargain still, but perhaps a little closer to your (and my) troubled wallet than the almost 60,000-euro V6 Roadster.

Sun And now I will go home, pack up football and hamper for the whole family in the bicycle trailer and then cycle the whole delicious gang in tow to the forest playground. I love it. Cycling.   Johannes Riegsinger

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Technical specifications
cylinderV6, 4-valve
kW / hp
1 / min

6150 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
4900 U / min
power transmission 
transmission5 speed manual
driverear wheel
landing gear 
brakesv: ventilated discs
h: slices
tiresv: 205/60 R 15
h: 205/60 R 15
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)K. A.
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)4.9
Top speed (km / h)232
test consumptionK. A.
EU consumption9.8L / 100km (Super)
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)K. A.