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Long before the unveiling in Paris, our Erlkönig hunters have caught a prototype of the new VW Touran 2015

For over ten years, the current VW Touran giving good service to the family: Countless fathers and mothers know the faithful companion from Wolfsburg in everyday life just like on holiday to estimate, but now the van is still a little long in the tooth. but for customers looking for a new Touran there is good news: In the background are already working diligently on its successor, the prototypes are now outside of strictly shielded VW routes go.

VW Touran 2015: Erlkönig mule shows new van generation

In the far north of Sweden, we now have a Erlkönig Mule caught, pretending at first glance to be an ordinary Touran. The telltale column at the level of the B-pillar and the wheel arches further issued make connoisseurs, however, clear: this second generation is being tested!

Technically based the new VW Touran 2015 (On the modular QuerbaukastenMQB), Which has already proven itself in the VW Golf VII and many other models of the group. Among other things, thanks to the MQB also the weight is reduced by around 100 kilograms, higher strength steels and outer skin elements from lightweight materials contribute their part to help.

The lower weight is primarily an increase in efficiency, including new engines and powertrains to contribute. The heart of the engine range will be new three-cylinder turbocharged, as economical figurehead is also a plug adopted in hybrid thing. The latter are numerous technology components tells the planned for the end of 2014 VW Golf Hybrid.

By the autumn, the new VW Touran will present to the public, because the Wolfsburg plan the world premiere on the current state of the Paris Motor Show 2014. The launch is to possibly 2,014 but made no later than in summer, 2015.

if you really a real added value, which - Six centimeters of length and width create additional space, in addition, the second row of seats can continue fold as space-saving as the Sharan: In addition to the efficiency, Volkswagen has of course also been working on other aspects of a good Family Vans required entire length of the loading area. Sliding it is, however, not also give the 2015er Touran: The dialogue with customers has encouraged no corresponding need to light, so it stays with classical hinged doors.

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Benny Hiltscher