The X6 is celebrating the massive appearance

Since spring 2015 mixed, the mighty BMW X6 M (2015) onto the SUV scene and shines through his idiosyncratic style. The performance SUV at a price of 124,600 euros is beaten by 575 horsepower to the front!

One can not assume, especially reluctant to act the X6. But compared to the presence of the BMW X6 M (2015) the weaker models suddenly seem pretty tame. The M version of the SUV-coupe attracts visually really all the stops: The front is dominated by the dominant double kidney and four equally massive air intakes below. The trapezoidal maw could so many small-car drivers cause concern. In addition to continuing unique in the luxury SUV coupé roof line of the BMW X6 M provides (2015) and a rear end that leaves no doubt about the character of the performance off-roader. The four tailpipes are almost the most discreet detail. the second generation of the X6 M is powered - like the new BMW X5 M - of a more advanced version of the popular M5 and M6 V8 Biturbo with 4.4 liter displacement. 575 hp and a maximum torque of 750 Newton meters, available from 2,200 to 5,000 rev / min already provide, not only the predecessor to shame.

BMW X6 M (2015) in the video:

Price: BMW X6 M (2015) from 124,200 euros

As standard all-wheel drive and 20-inch wheels with 325 mm wide tires on the rear axle can be no doubts about the traction of the BMW X6 M (2015) arise. So it is not surprising that the twin-turbo V8 balanced the 2.3-ton SUV in 4.2 seconds to highway speed. The electronic limit on the maximum speed is postponed at the request of 250 to a whopping 280 km / h. With appropriate pace but also the standard consumption of 11.1 liters is expected to move into the distance and become loose outbid. Thus the extra hot X6 can carry with law, the M in the name, and the chassis was extensively revised. New upper Qerlenker and an M-specific tuned elastokinematics on the front axle to the BMW X6 M (2015) bestow a noticeably more agile steering response, rigid suspension springs go with a lowered by 10 millimeters associated. Active roll stabilization Dynamic Drive, Dynamic Performance Control said variable power distribution to the rear axle, the adaptive M-damper and the standard air suspension on the rear axle should do the heavy weight forgotten along with the performance-oriented tuned and adjustable at the touch steering. The price is 124,200 euros confident - in this respect, the X6 M comes into the full.