In new top form

BMW revised the 6 Series. Exterior and interior was modified, new and stronger motors are used

Since the end of 2003, the 6-series is already on the market. Starting on October 6, both the coupe and the convertible based on it in a revised form.

The stylistic polish limited to the bonnet, which now carries a more pronounced arrow shape. The bi-xenon headlights shine in a new layout, the air intake has been widened. In addition, more prominent side sills stretch the 6-series visually more in length. Beefy than before acting the stern.

For this, the strongly shaped spoiler lip, modified tail lights and redesigned bumpers provide. The third brake light is now integrated into the trunk lid and the Coupe. Major changes are taking place under the hood: The three-liter six-cylinder is converted to gasoline direct injection for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.

The engine produces 272 hp. In order for the 630i in 6.2 seconds to sprint to 100 km / h, and require only 7.9 liters of Super Plus on average. Reduce fuel consumption by five percent to achieve the further 367-hp 650i, in which the "Efficient Dynamic Package" is used. For the first time also a diesel feed in a 6 holds.