The strongest Dodge Viper!

RSI Racing Solutions descaled the Dodge Viper SRT. After the radical-tuning the V10 delivers up to 1,500 hp.

640 PS braces of the 8.4-liter V10 in the Dodge Viper SRT to the crankshaft. The tuner RSI Racing Solutions intends to double the power output - and more. For this, the tuners can be no part untouched. The entire engine block take the pros auseinandern and replace all parts by high-performance parts. So racing connecting rods, pistons and -Kurbelwelle find their way to the V10 block and camshaft and valve trains are replaced with more robust components. Likewise, the optimized intake system and the fuel injection system exert more pressure. Finally, two thick Precision turbochargers are still attached. However, engine tuning alone does not hold the Viper alive. The remaining parts of the drivetrain fits the tuner to the increased requirements.

Dodge Viper SRT with Racing Parts of RSI

Thus, clutch and transmission are also replaced by race proven high performance parts from the RSI program. A special engine management Motec brings the new parts into harmony. Anyone with a commercial super-fuel (93 octane) feeds the tuning Viper takes 1000 PS in return. Neat, but there is more. On the Viper bioethanol reacts particularly irritably then with 1500 hp and 1000 Newton meters it goes to looting. By comparison, the series state, the US car icon winds in 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. To 326 km / h the reptile can not shake. For the Dodge Viper SRT RSI tuner RSI Racing Solutions but this performance should be only peanuts. This superiority can be the tuner pay well: 89,950 US dollars, or the equivalent of 79,000 euros, costs Viper remodeling.

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