fire and flame

A well-stocked wallet for the enjoyment without remorse and a heartfelt love for extreme sports enthusiasts are well placed to be able to opt for one of the two roadsters from Ferrari and Lamborghini. We learned the hard way what it's like when the wind rushes unhindered through the cockpit and the sound of heavy engines tickles the senses

D a, there is something for your ears: The two super sports music rock and roll to breaking point. They blow up our ideas of speed, are both more than 300 km / h, are the exclusive category of open-top super sports car and come from Italy - where else? So that their similarities are also already told. Technically, the two are completely different qualities, because we are the Ferrari F430 Spider and the new Gallardo Spyder, the Audi subsidiary Lamborghini to poach customers in the field of the Italian competitor now. AUTOZEITUNG had the first opportunity to take the two superstars in sunny Miami together under the eye and to compare both normal road and on the racetrack. A question of philosophy The number of cylinders is a matter of philosophy here. While Ferrari traditionally relies on a V8 mid-engine with its smallest model, operates a voluminous, also centrally built V10 Lambo under the tailgate. By comparison, 4.3 liters on the Ferrari stand 5.0 liter displacement against the Lambo. Even with the power of the Gallardo has its flat, short nose in front - 520 hp, which is 30 hp more than the F430. And both activate their maximum power at extremely high speeds. 8000 revolutions are there when Lambo, Ferrari needed for even 8500 tours. In normal family sedans at such speeds, the piston would fly through the hood. For athletes like these two Italian opponents such speed spheres are normal workouts. Lightning-fast rockers circuit at Ferrari It is shifted via paddles on the steering wheel. Although both cars are also available with the conventional manual transmissions with an open setting, customers decide to almost 90 percent for the sequential circuit, which is operated via paddles on the steering wheel. In the case of Ferrari can this decision quite understand, because here the rocker variant is working properly and quickly. When Gallardo customers should perhaps consider whether they save the extra for the automated transmission prefer and better enjoy the lively metallic clack of the manual transmission version. Because the switching operations of the so-called E-Gear are considerably slower than the Ferrari - who brakes on board at a traffic light with this system must adapt to ruppiges downshifting. In order to achieve optimal acceleration, but the Gallardo driver has to engage first gear and then step on the gas pedal. Launch control to all-wheel drive Ferrari has equipped its roadster with an additional launch control that enables an optimal start - no spinning of the driven rear wheels. Such problems are unknown to the Lambo in principle, after all, he is equipped with a four-wheel drive. In an emergency, the F430 catapulting its occupants in 4.1 seconds from zero to 100 km / h while the Gallardo for begrudge 4.3 seconds. Despite the 30 hp more power, the Roadster takes off St. Agata lose out here. This shows how perfect working the drive system of the Ferrari. When driving the racer from Maranello, which is equipped with an electronically controlled differential shows at its best - and much more light-footed than his opponent. More enjoyment without roof Not only race, also enjoy is the motto. For Italians show with pasta, pesto and red Barolo that they are connoisseurs. So roofs down to let the warm Florida sun unhindered entry. As befits extroverted athlete, and the electric folding away the cloth caps is pure show, which lasts 15 to 20 seconds. The Lamborghini the hood stands out at this time, first slightly, then slides back to eventually completely unfold. At the same time, the rear window moves down and the fabric roof folds behind it - almost above the engine room - together. Flip. Finished. The competitor also the rear hood lifts first time, the soft top folds together three times and disappears under the big mouth. sawing sound Who can resist? It's a heavenly pleasure, gliding along with the Super racers under the sun. The sawing sound of the exhaust runs shivers through the spines of the pilots and ensures that the passers-by already cringe before the two athletes are in sight. Where others use the horn, Ferrari and Lamborghini drivers simply press once briefly on the accelerator. We generated a lot of attention. And if you do not overdo it, it does not even come the hairstyle of the co-driver in disarray. If they do, it is after the Italian-exclusive way to blow dry the long curls lady. Oh, for the Ferrari F430 Spider, the Italians require 161,200 euros, the colleagues from the neighboring town of St. Agata even want 167,620 euros for their Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Congratulations to him who can afford it. Jürgen Schramek



bodyMax. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider
Space in front100
Space behind100
Operation / Function100
Boot capacity100
Payload / towing capacity80
Quality / processing200
Chapter review100000

driving comfort


driving comfortMax. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider
Front seat comfort150
Rear seat comfort100
interior noise50
sound impression100
Air conditioning50
suspension empty200
suspension loaded200
Chapter review100000

engine and gears


engine and gearsMax. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider
top speed150
power delivery50
Chapter review100000

driving dynamics


driving dynamicsMax. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider
directional stability50
brake dosage30
braking distance cold150
braking distance hot150
driving safety150
turning circle20
Chapter review100000

Environmental and cost


Cost / EnvironmentMax. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider
valued Price675
Guarantee / Warranty50
Workshop costs20
Chapter review100000



Max. PointsLamborghini Gallardo SpyderFerrari F430 Spider