Stretch-A8 comes with six doors

The extra-long Audi A8 L Extended scores with maximum luxury behind six doors. The once stretched long version the Ingolstadt luxury sedan is expected to remain a unique piece.

to increase the pampering onboard a recent luxury sedan essential is not an easy task. In Ingolstadt have responded to the request of a customer with the Audi A8 L Extended, which our Erlkönig hunters have caught already a few weeks ago in Scandinavia. What at first looks like a little too ambitious Photoshop design is actually reality and extends over a length of 6.36 meters - enough room for six doors and six extremely comfortable individual seats. The single piece dominates the ordinary Audi A8 L with it the impressive length of 1.09 meters, but the wheelbase falls with 4.22 meters longer than a small car. For the realization of the very special Special wanting the individualization experts have worked for a year at Audi, finally, the Audi A8 L Extended will have at least the same standards as the production model in every respect. therefore, the stretch limousine comes with an extensive body adapted, which has been extended with additional aluminum extrusion profiles on side sill and the central tunnel, the roof has been modified with additional aluminum tube profiles and transverse stiffeners. The Audi A8 L Extended comes despite the significantly increased size almost to the torsional and bending stiffness level of ordinary A8 long-wheelbase version.

Audi model range by 2016 in the video:

Six-door long-wheelbase Audi A8 L Extended

This feat, the engineers, even though the customer insisted on a panoramic glass roof and thus required the installation of a 2.40-meter-long glass. However, this investment is worth it, because it brings a lot of light into the interior and enhances the feeling of space in the second and third row noticeable. Particularly soft Valcona leather is working with the noble content of an integrated cooler for maximum comfort on the six electrically adjustable individual seats. The driver should be but rather take given the enormous wheelbase and increased to over 2.4 tonnes gross vehicle weight there. That it's not about momentum in the Audi A8 L Extended, also becomes clear when looking at the engine Although the engine range holds and twelve-cylinder and V8 engines, the stretch version is content with a comparatively modest 3.0 TFSI engine. However, its 310 hp suffice to bring the extra long luxury sedan in 7.1 seconds to highway speed and up to the electronically limited top speed of 250 km / h. And when it comes to delay the brake system of the Audi S8 for maximum safety. Even now can see through Audi that more customers have been asking for a similar custom-made and the Audi A8 L Extended does not have to remain a one-off. More information: Audi A8 L Security - the safest ever A8