stormy final

A final with hurricane-strength: 720 hp of the G-Power BMW M3 Hurricane RS, which is applied to the final of the M3 Coupé of the E92 generation

Here guarantees no raging storm in a teacup, if the G-Power Hurricane RS is serious, no stone is left unturned. As the basis of the already not particularly serves slow BMW M3, But at G-Power has packed as many as 300 extra horsepower in the mid-size coupe.

G-Power BMW M3 Hurricane RS: Tuning-final with compressor

Possible, the power of explosion one hand, by an extension of the cubic capacity of 4.0 to 4.6 liters, on the other hand, the air in the combustion chamber after the Tuning compressed by a compressor. The result is 720 horsepower at a speed of 8,100 rev / min and a maximum torque of 700 Nm. Superiority in the BMW M3 engine drives, illustrate three simple numbers: 3.7 seconds (0-100), 9.5 seconds (0-200), over 340 km / h (top speed).

Thus the extreme tuning not at the expense of engine life, G-Power fitted a bespoke cooling package with larger oil and water cooling circuits, and an intercooler is used. The additional weight of the tuning package is balanced by a titanium exhaust system, which simultaneously provides for even more sound.

the complete program with 20 inch rims together with size 295 tires on the driven rear axle, a ceramic brake discs with larger and relatively subtle aerodynamic package, which increases the contact pressure on the front and rear axle is rounded. However, the hurricane is expected to make not only when driving wind, even when paying there could be a headwind in the family council: Just the price for the engine conversion costs 49,564 euros, the complete vehicle has, according to G-Power has a value of 191,800 euros.

Benny Hiltscher