Hot iron?

Fire danger the Opel Ampera? The Rüsselsheim stop delivery of the electric pioneer after a Chevrolet Volt caught fire

How safe is the electric-Opel Ampera? Ruesselsheim there seems no longer to be sure to answer this question and stops according to a report in the automotive week the extradition of prestige cars after an identical design Chevrolet volt caught fire as a result of a crash test in the US.

stopped extradition for Fire Hazard: Opel Ampera

Although Chevrolet hastened after the incident, attributed the fire to a lack of discharge of the battery after the crash test, and pointed out that the fire broke out only days after the actual accident, it does not seem entirely convinced of the safety of the Ampera at Opel ,

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To avoid possible damage to its image from the electric pioneer, the delivery has been stopped - so Opel wants to gain time, because the need to ensure first that the installed high-voltage batteries are safe. Chevrolet sees the matter much more relaxed and wants to introduce the Volt as planned in the European markets.
Benny Hiltscher