At least 60 km / h?

Many assume on the highway applies a minimum speed of 60 km / h. But that is indeed the case? And what is true in congestion situations?

Many drivers a number stuck in my memory when it comes to the minimum speed on German motorways from the driving school: 60 km / h. But they are on the right? Not quite. It is a common misconception that on highways a specified minimum speed prevails. The Highway Code stipulates only that freeways may be used by vessels that are structurally able to go faster than 60 km / h.

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Highway minimum speed: How slow is allowed?

This does not mean that one can arbitrarily on creeping ahead with a faster vehicle. For he who goes slowly for no good reason and hampered by other road users violating traffic regulations. There it is, the speed must be chosen so that it adapts to the traffic flow. In some situations, a low rate may be necessary, however, quite: in heavy rain, black ice or traffic jams, it is necessary to drive slower than 60 km / h.

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