If you rest, you rust

Rust on the exhaust is a real problem - because it is not always enough material available to fill the holes by welding

Not always be holes close the exhaust fast and cheap. "welding is only possible if the exhaust not too rusty and enough material exists"Explains Dietmar clysters, foreman of the motor vehicle guild Rhein-Neckar-Odenwald. Everything else is futile: The odds stood pretty bad with a very ailing exhaust that welded-fabric keeps.

Rust on the exhaust: A problem of short-range drivers

Usually it is the Auspuffendtopf, by rust as the first part of the exhaust system. "This is a typical problem of short-range drivers", Said the expert. "When you leave your car after a few kilometers again, acidic condensation in the exhaust remains that promotes corrosion." On longer trips, the entire exhaust system is, however, so hot that will evaporate the condensation and expelled with the exhaust gases.

If the Auspuffendtopf broken and the rest of the exhaust system still tight, but is no longer really in good shape, according clysters to replace the entire exhaust pipes may be worth more than to renew individual parts regularly. The repair costs are the bottom line probably cheaper because the mechanics would once ran. Clysters recommends sufferers to seek reckon both variants of the vehicle operating their confidence.

A defective catalytic way, is not to save. "If on this component for exhaust gas purification something is broken, it must be renewed"Says clysters. "There's no way around - you can patch up as nothing."