drunk Cycling

who with alcohol in blood bicycle drives, risking perhaps even his cardriver's license. The insurance experts directline clarify when the going gets tough

it occurs after a boozy evening back home by bicycle on which can be not only dangerous and expensive, but may also cost the auto driver's license. Because the influence of alcohol to rise strongly on the bike is not just a misdemeanor, for which there can be a fine, but a criminal offense.

Drinking and bicycle handlebar: Driving license withdrawal threatens

If the cyclists at least 1.6 per thousand in the blood or estimated travel abnormalities shows already at a lower level, he risks his driving license. The driving license authority will examine in such a case, whether the person is generally unfit to drive a car. For the cyclist who participates heavily drunk with the bike on the road, could do with his car this in the future.

Runs the - often colloquially referred to as the "idiot test" - medical and psychological examination properly, the cyclist can keep his driver's license. However, he fails this or deny it even, he must reckon with the withdrawal of the driving license by the authority.