Not always protected

Especially with low base rates consequential damages by marten bites are often not covered. Motorists should check exactly when the partial coverage pays - and when she refuses

When the car goes on strike, the cause is often a marten. The animals cause repeatedly damage to cables and wires in the engine compartment and can lead to costly defects - because it is reassuring when in case of emergency Car insurance pays. However caused by marten bites damage to the car is not always about the Teilkasko-Police assured.

Marten damage to the car: car insurance does not pay more

Especially with low base rates of protection is often not included, warns the independent comparison website Verivox. Those who value the protection, should review the terms of its insurance. Just subsequent damage by Marder bites can lead to costly repairs, for example, the engine, catalytic converter or to the vehicle electronics. Loud Verivox