First drive in the new VW SUV Atlas

The large Wolfsburg SUV for the US's Atlas. The mission is clear: With the Atlas Volkswagen wants to conquer the huge US market for mid-size SUV. We were allowed for a first test drive the wheel of the big brother Touareg, which is to inspire Americans.

The new VW Atlas (2017) is intended to help Wolfsburg's a new boost to the US market. The models were previously offered the Americans often too small or too expensive - the VW SUV have met really the taste of US customers at least until now not. Even without diesel gate America was therefore for the Lower Saxony recently the largest building site. And since then the exhaust manipulations are busted, the situation has worsened again dramatically. However, with the new VW Atlas (2017) to the now change again, which rest on the shoulders of the SUV high expectations and what it probably is one of the main VW models in recent years: want with the new VW Atlas (2017) Wolfsburg finally in the huge segment of the midsize SUV foothold. specifically developed for the first time according to the specifications of America built together with the Passat in the US plant Chattanooga, to the not yet officially designated family car with the format of the Touareg, the space of Buli and a price just above the Tiguan the mothers of lure middle class, which had to turn their backs on the brand at the latest after the second child so far.

Exclusive drive in the new VW Atlas (video):

First test drive in the new VW Atlas (2017)

That the prototypes of the new VW Atlas (2017) are still heavily camouflaged, in this case makes absolutely nothing. After all, is what the project VW 416 anyway more to the interior. So it is on this side of Caddy & Co., the first seven-seater in the VW program. For this, the Lower Saxony have stretched the platform of the modular transverse matrix (MQB) to their limits and so provided a true giant on the wheels: With 5.04 meters, the B-SUV is still a good deal larger than the Touareg, the axes are nearly three meters apart and even without a mirror it measures a full two meters in width. The advantage of this format is a space, as we have not yet seen it in a car Volkswagen: In front you sit at the wheel of the new VW Atlas (2017) as well as in Touareg or Passat and when the sliding second row by about 20 slides centimeters backwards, you can beat your legs in the rear. And even the third row offers more than just two makeshift seating: The two folding chairs are not only exceptionally easy to reach thanks to the huge doorways and operated with one hand mechanism of the front seats, but are good indeed for adults.

Place, the new Atlas (2017) amply

But the new cut also has a serious drawback - at least for us Europeans: the new VW Atlas (2017) is so great that he would blow up the local streets in the eyes of Lower Saxony. While, for example, the Russians or the customer can look in the Gulf states to export variant and even a model will be launched in China on the same basis with a little more bling-bling, we look into the tube and have to deal with settle the long version of the Tiguan. However one can confidently cherish this reason his doubts. Rather, the decision could also be that a Touareg Tiguan price one would bring little too much shaken the European structure of the models and brands and as he suddenly had new Skoda Kodiaq a hard competitors from their own ranks. Unlike the now arg is dusty US-Passat but his big brother would not have to fear comparison with European models here. Although VW has also looked on the money and sacrificed a lot of comfort features for the prize at the entry-level models. However, in the upscale versions of the new VW Atlas (2017), there is the large touch screen of the Tiguan in the center console and behind the wheel of the freely programmable instrument cluster from the European Passat. In addition, from the factory in Chattanooga with Car-Net the Big Mac collects all major smartphones and drives no longer behind with automatic distance control, emergency brake assist or Einparkroboter even with the assistance systems.

VW Atlas (2017) being only as petrol

Poor is the choice of engines. For at least the start there is the new VW Atlas (2017) with only a 238 horsepower two-liter turbo or the aged 3.6-liter V-6 teat, which comes to 280 hp and with a maximum of 360 Newton meters and a stresses soften eight speed -Automatic for solid highway cruiser is. Although the car will probably tick rather by the Suburbs, VW has designed it for slush and mud, offers him at least optionally available with all-wheel drive, and then uses the known from the Tiguan driving profiles. Finally, the soccer Mums want time to barbecue or to the Boyscouts. Although the project 416 comes at the right time, because it may displace from the news and the VW brand on the move direct the exhaust scandal first. But if one includes the countless studies, is probably working on the car for more than four years. And when the diesel bomb burst, was with this model actually already all in dry towels. Only two details of the new VW Atlas (2017) have not changed since the beginning of the affair: As a commitment to America, the SUV also gets an American name. And the originally scheduled times TDI engine is now in a rather unlikely.