Top Diesel tested Passat

The top TDI in the new VW Passat makes 240 hp, making it the most powerful four-cylinderdiesel of the world. If the trade by the perfect business sedan? test

The cost was splendid. In the previous edition, celebrated the new VW Passat 2015 a brilliant victory over the assembled competition in the middle class - as a practical variant of the popular 150 PS TDI, the likely most popular Passat model. Folk Wolfsburg can then, but he can also luxury? At the upper end of the range of engines currently ranked namely a newly developed TDI engine, which brings it with the help of two series-connected turbochargers to an incredible 500 Nm and 240 hp - more currently providing no four-cylinder diesel on the market. With this, the Passat saloon for Express business sedan: The top speed is 240 km / h and the sprint to 100 kph is done by the 1.7 tonne four-door car in 5.9 seconds and provides the factory specification so that by two tenths. Strongly of diesel pushes thanks to the opulent torque the Passat ahead, acts very confident and is rarely compelled to seek higher speed regions.

All facts about the VW Passat in the video:

VW Passat 2.0 TDI with good response

The diesel impressed while with striking good response and rich punch even at low speed. Only serious criticism is the under load rather polynuclear combustion noise a bit too much to the occupants Penetrates: This is due to the high injection and combustion pressures of 2500 or 200 bar. The 150 hp variant from the combined comparison test in any case, which injects the fuel with a maximum of 1800 bar in the combustion chamber works can feel and hear more supple. Coupled to the top diesel is not only to the all-wheel drive 4MOTION, but also on a seven dual clutch transmission. That does its job conspicuously inconspicuous, which is meant for an automatic transmission as high praise. Whose speed-lowering long translation and the jerking working start-stop system are partly responsible for the low test consumption of 7.5 liters per 100 km.

Good workmanship in the VW Passat

On the drive side, the top trade can therefore well set the scene, but as it is with the other qualities? As far as handling and ride comfort, the mid-size sedan also does not disappoint: Absolutely safe to drive and surprisingly agile, the Passat comes Eck, supported by the precise and sensitive real power steering. The standard Adaptive dampers absorb most road damage off skillfully, even if the previously mentioned front-wheel drive station wagon still acting a bit more sensitive here. The spacious seats spoil you with many options and comfort, the spaciousness rather the top corresponds to two rows for the middle class. Also at the rear, which now looks much more elegant than the previous model, the VW comes up with downright opulent values: 586 liters summarizes his baggage compartment, a Mercedes S-Class, for example, is a mere 530 liters. As for the build quality, the Passat the middle class almost outgrown not only the body quality is impressive, and the interior leaves a very high-quality impression. A real eye-catcher is the instrument cluster with TFT display (31.2 cm screen diagonal), which, however, has to offer, with the exception of the map display between the speedometer and tachometer no real added value compared to conventional circular instruments. The new infotainment generation aboard the VW can also go online now - here, the Passat has made the biggest leap compared to its predecessor. All this is available for 43,625 euros. A lot of money, no question, but for that you get not only a lot of car, but also the best Passat ever.