Golf or Tiguan – who kanns better?

Test on City suitability: VW Golf and Tiguan are in their segments, the sellers - and in their native petrol variants spacious cars for the city.

Some statistics to the beginning: Average 3.3 trips undertaken by the German motorists a day, and places an average of 36 kilometers back. The result per trip some ten kilometers are completed mostly in urban traffic. If you do not deviate greatly from this average, also one of the city cars coming for you in this concept comparison in question. For something a bit bigger, is well served by VW Tiguan and VW Golf. Front-wheel drive and reasonable gasoline engine they are economical, versatile - and also still fit in each car park. Golf and Tiguan are on the same modular platform of the VW group and also have much in common otherwise. Since the facelift of golf but not the engine: In the compact car of the four-cylinder 1.4-liter displacement was replaced by a new variant with 1.5 liters. This engine has a cylinder Active Management (ACT), with which our comparative SUV is provided: At partial load in the range 1400-4000 tours two cylinders are turned off to save fuel.

The VW model range in the video:

Test: city SUV VW Tiguan vs. City car VW Golf

In golf, no indication can be found in the model name. The system helps even the least 1.5 tonne SUV mannered drinking habits, such as the test consumption of 7.2 liters of premium is 100 kilometers. can better economize the Tiguan, shows the saving round where he is content with 5.1 liters of premium and offers the standard consumption. The new engine in the Gulf stingy with 4.9 liters even stronger. In the standard test round with full-throttle percentage, the approximately 180 kg lighter compact car with 6.6 liters per 100 km is also on the Tiguan. Even better, the golf beats in driving performance: The sprint from zero to 100 and the race at the speed he chooses clearly for itself. However, in the City all that is not so important. Rather, the smaller 10.9-meter turning circle (Tiguan: 11, 3 m). For this, the SUV offers the better view thanks to a nearly 15 centimeters higher seating position.

More space for passengers and luggage in the Tiguan

And even more space: After all, it is 4.49 meters some 20 centimeters longer than the Golf. And also four centimeters wider. Therefore, passengers will find the rear of the Tiguan clearly more head, leg and shoulder room. Thanks to the sliding, three divided folding rear seat passengers of the second row can enjoy up to 40 centimeters modesty. Or the cargo area can be expanded volume a few simple steps on combi format of up to 1655 liters. Since the Gulf can (maximum 1,270 liters) compete with its comparatively compact luggage compartment. But the Wolfsburg bestseller is truly no small car - especially in the front row is hardly discernible difference to the Tiguan. After Facelift Golf and Tiguan are in selectable connectivity and the Security Assistant again par - the top navigation system Discover Pro (Golf: 2540 Euro, Tiguan: 2310 Euros) has a display with three centimeters larger diagonal (23.3 cm). In the basic price of the Golf decides the duel finally for themselves: In the comparable Comfortline equipment are between two cars 8000 euros.

Technical specificationsVW Tiguan 1.4 TSI ACT BMTVW Golf 1.5 TSI BMT
engine4.4, Turbo4.4, Turbo
capacity1395 cc1498 cc
power150 hp150 hp
maximum torque250 Nm250 Nm
transmission6-speed, manual6-speed, manual
0-100 km / h9.5 s8.5 s
top speed202 km / h216 km / h
tare1517 kg1335 kg
L / W / H in mm4486/1839/16734258/1790/1492
trunk615-1655 l380-1270 l
test consumption7.2 l S / 100 km6.6 l S / 100 km
base Price28,150 €24,125 €

Klaus UckrowKlaus Uckrow
Our conclusion

Winner: VW Golf
The more agile, more economical, more agile and more favorable Golf proposes the larger, more variable and clearer Tiguan. Because of the high seating position many choose but nevertheless the SUV.