Popular SUV defects check

Second hand SUV are booming, but in terms of reliability prepare some off-roader remarkably often problems. We show the ten used cars with most defects between one and three years.

The used car sales in the SUV segment has its pitfalls, because even under the increasingly popular off-road vehicles there is some problem children. Especially wheels and brakes have to contend with the SUV-typical weights and are more often than average also criticized in his early years at the major investigations of GTÜ. Among the 10 worst SUV category 1 to 3 years can be found equal to 6 vehicles with Asian roots, the only German manufacturer Opel is represented by the recently withdrawn from the program Antara. All defects kings listed in our picture come to a defect rate well into double figures, more than one out of ten tested SUV these series is not without flaws by the main investigation.

Category 1 to 3 years: SUV with the most deficiencies

Dacia Duster far from paragons

The popular due to its low price Dacia Duster has more often than average to deal with deficiencies in almost all categories. The sold since 2011. Cheap SUV from Romania can indeed buy very cheap, but can not compete with more expensive SUV in many areas. This is true not only for the relatively weak brakes and cheap interior materials, but also for reliability. Even the robust classic off-roader Jeep Wrangler, who came in 2007 in the generation JK on the market and has since been revised several times, striking in the main test with numerous defects. Besides these problems, the Jeep is not a case for frugal natures, especially the gasoline have great thirst and drive maintenance costs up.