The powerhouse

The new Range Rover Sport fixes for its considerable size a pretty perky sole on the asphalt - preferably as SDV8 with the exclusive V8 diesel. The sport SUV test

The almost proverbial "off road" - competence of the Land Rover brand is also true for the recent Range Rover, English alongside tasteful luxury and
Now comfort but should also be dynamic, as can the additional title sports and the slightly sleeker body outfit with tapered rear end might guess. However, the inside and quite expansive off-roader like a mighty castle, what is also confirmed on the scale effect.

Our test car beats here with proud 2477 kg curb weight impact. This is in comparison to its predecessor, already much less, a lightweight miracle is the Range Rover Sport but still not. Since it all the more surprising how easily and well manageable and almost portable can be maneuvered the Range.

Nestled in a finely crafted, high-quality cockpit landscape, the driver takes with most controls start right away, if you look at leaves the numerous special functions for wild terrain excursions aside and the splendid Terrain Response system in automatic mode itself. Because then the Range knows anyway best which force distribution, differential locking action which braking intervention and air suspension, damper and transmission mode is currently best suited to the current driving situation.


Also professionally the splendid 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo diesel feels that sends 339 horsepower and massive 740 Newton meters in the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. That has nothing better to do than ever to find the right gear, so that the 2.5-ton answered the blunt full throttle command with acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. Even more surprising, the Briton with his spontaneous steering response and the considerable potential lateral acceleration when cornering.

That there was so with still no Range Rover. However, the dynamics with a rather stiff-legged at least in city traffic air suspension (optional) bought. Only when the range has really picked up speed, he ironed out in the established manner of self rough bumps on which conventional car would break down smooth.

Much of its fascination, however, draws the fine terrain pro from its drive, which is available as exclusive to Range Rover. That this is a diesel, the V8 retains for itself.

Even while the fine machine pushes the Range forcefully, they can only difficult to define, restrained growl heard - like a distant thunderstorm.

The proverbial fuel economy of a diesel engine can, however, miss the V8 - he swallows the test 11.5 liters per 100 km. Perhaps a start-stop system would be more helpful than the Eco-information that one can get in the cockpit display or on the touch screen here. Less convincing the Range Rover Sport also attended the braking test from a speed of 100th

About 41 meters stopping distance is too much, but certainly go to the account of the standard all-season tires. But with a base price of 85,310 euros and an almost inexhaustible options list full of high-end extras should certainly be in there for a set of high-performance tires for a few euros.

Our conclusion

Luxurious, spacious, but more expensive off-road professional who now comes along and dynamically - with extremely strong V8 diesel, but great thirst and long stopping distances

Jürgen Voigt