The F-Pace poaching in the SUV segment

The new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) converts between SUV and sports car. the 42,000-euro-Jag was presented at the last IAA. Takes the English cat Germans targeted? This clarifies the first test drive.

The new Jaguar F-Pace (2016), the British go again to the game and sneak this time to the biggest chunk of the upper class approach. the cat goes for the first time in the off-road segment on a rampage at prices starting at 42,390 euros. Although this is actually the domain of rustic sister Land Rover, which is established with the Range Rover all at the top end of the market. But with a forecasted growth of 50 percent in five years and soon 1.5 million registrations in the segment to see the British enough space for an alternative offer. Especially because the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) designed quite differently than the technically neither related nor intermarried Land Rover models. While there's the wheel for almost all versions as standard and inspired by Land Rover can be at your fingertips for rough terrain activate an electronic All Surface Progress Control. But first of all, the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) wants to be a sports car. Therefore has with his 4.73 meters in length, the flat silhouette and the widely flared wheel arches almost graceful SUV not only the hips and the tail lights of the F-Type, but also searches on behalf of the proximity to the furious hip flask of the same house.

First test drive the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016)

And the sporting aspirations of the new Jaguar F-Pace will (2016) full justice in the first trial drive - especially in the provisional top version with a 380-hp V6 petrol engine and the adaptive suspension: During the compressor sings his passionate song and the really let sound flaps in the exhaust every part of it, while the dampers are adjusted 500 times per second and the all-wheel drive brings the maximum possible of 450 newton meters to the rear axle, the F-Pace fantastic progress that way. The 100 mark falls after 5.5 seconds and the 250 km / h act rather arbitrary. Although higher than any other Jaguar before, remains the F-Pace there - the pressed with plenty of aluminum on unrivaled 1.7 tons and the razor-sharp steering is thanks - also handy and manageable when the roads narrow and the curves become narrower. The more comfortable coordinated competition from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt contrast, seems almost sedate and even the dynamics champions from Munich and Zuffenhausen are by no means unattainable. should make for the large numbers that the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) as early as this year's best-selling model of the brand, there are other engines ready: The rather unnecessary 340 hp variant of the V6 petrol engine, a little less dynamic V6 diesel with 300 hp and especially the 180 hp four-cylinder, with the F-Pace comes as a rear-wheel drive to a Knauserverbrauch of 4.9 liters of diesel.

New F-Pace (2016) with space and high-tech

But as much as the British emphasize the performance, so much of the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) will of course be a practitioner and therefore boasts the most generous interior of the model range. Front you will indeed formally recognized by the vehicle and does not have quite the command position of a Range Rover, but sitting as comfortably as in a luxury sedan. Behind the F-Pace even to lengths more spacious than the long-wheelbase version of the XJ. And the trunk can hold even at full seating 650 liters. If that's not enough, you can grab the back seat forward and makes the Jaguar with 1,740 liters of storage space almost to the U-Haul truck. Also, because the British have nothing and hide anyone. And there's a discipline in the Jaguar, the established competition can bring in distress: the electronics. That's why the new Jaguar F-Pace (2016) has more computing power than a Boeing 777. The freely configurable digital cockpit is therefore an equally clear challenge to the German premium competitors such as an app store and an online connection around designed infotainment and navigation system InControl touch Pro on the ten-inch touch screen. There is also blazing bright LED headlights, the usual assistance systems, camera surveillance all around and a few gimmicks that we have seen such yet nowhere: For example, the new  "Activity Key" - a waterproof and shockproof strap that lets you lock the car, for example, during sports and disable all key therein can. Even when parking, the F-Pace drives it ahead of the competition a notch.