With 530 hp and 725 Nm of torque, the new Alpina B6S not only the most powerful 6 Series BMW of all time, but also one of the most fascinating luxury coupes

Key data
PS kW530 hp (390 kW)
driveRear, 6-speed automatic
0-100 km / h4.5 seconds
top speed318 km / h
price120,400.00 €

Even notorious late riser, they will appreciate those moments of alertness on a Sunday morning at six. No one is a on the A3 in the way and in the neck sits the rising sun, while the speedometer needle - totally politically incorrect - the 300 mark happens. The chance to meet like-minded people is as low as the number of cars with which the unlimited hunting pace is even possible.

For this elite club are not only diverse Porsche and a few exotic products Italian or British origin. of which the driver and although unspectacular, almost scary casual way in the extreme case, the Alpina struggles with a 318 km / h strong hurricane - dressed in refined garb of a 6-BMW, ​​also the new Alpina B6S get inside this circle. but can remain unimpressed. Stubborn and stable blue Renner takes its course, no nervous fidgeting in the steering, no trace of unwanted attachment. That can not really be said of every Club 300th

But the qualities of the Alpina 6 are not limited to the achievable according to factory speed. Already the predecessor Alpina B6 with 500 hp was not a child of sadness, joined the longitudinal dynamics of a super sports car with the comfort of a luxury sedan. Based on the now B6S get to the train, power increased to 530 hp and with a maximum torque of 725 instead of 700 Nm. However, the basic engine remained the same: that 4.4-liter BMW V8, which controls its gas exchange via a continuously variable intake (Valvetronic). Also, the performance-enhancing compressor remained. This is designed as a centrifugal compressor, so similar to the compressor side of a turbocharger.

Such air pumps function effectively only at high speeds. Therefore, the compressor in the B6 is driven not only simply by a belt from the crankshaft but there is interposed a complex planetary gear, so that the compressor always conveyed independent of the engine speed plenty of breathing air in the intake system.

clever improvementinperformance

Looking for more horsepower it would have been the easiest way to increase the capacity of the compressor. But that consumption would increase. So the Alpina engineers found a smarter way and sat in the thermodynamics of. By optimizing the incoming and exhaust side variable valve timing to reduce combustion and exhaust gas temperatures well managed. This leads to higher by 30 hp at an unchanged average fuel consumption of 12.3 liters per 100 km.

The attention to detail is evident not only in, but in the new bonnet itself the almost ten kilos light component of glass and carbon fiber composite material is provided with a distinctive opening through the cooler exhaust air to the outside -. So far more than just a optical Gag.
Interior receives the usual Alpina neat setting with - depending on equipment - fine or very fine quality leather and wood.

Mandatory consent comfortable, multi-adjustable sports seats, the blue-colored instruments and two profiled, although difficult to access rear seats. New, however, is of little to smooth electronic joystick on the center tunnel, which the auto is operated. The six-speed Switchtronic can still perform manual gearshifts via buttons on the steering wheel back, was technically but optimized. The electronic control system minimizes the response time to 0.1 seconds, and has a double-declutching function when downshifting.

The selectable via button Sport mode refers not only the transmission electronics, but also the variable attenuator with one. Thus, the B6S be quickly on curvy turf, moving stable and sure-footed, even if the 6 due to the mass of over 1.7 tonnes and the rather large steering and body roll angle does not convey the ease of an ascetic super sports car. Helpful in cornering that is up to 30 percent locking differential, which however can not replace a sensitive gas foot. Because the awesome power of B6S would be dosed considered as even the lush 20-inch (rear: 285/30 ZR 20) whether the immense drive moments come swiftly to their traction limit.

The Alpina B6S is good with its balanced suspension but far more than the entertaining lap on the home track. Long trips with their luggage in the 450 liter trunk is taking the B6 S-cab with pleasure.
And the alternatives? Difficult. A Mercedes CL 63 AMG (525 hp) might which, although spacious, but much more expensive and bulkier comes along. Jaguar XKR? With 416 horsepower simply too weak - sorry. Then maybe the next Alpina dealer where you not only get a highly potent, exclusive luxury coupe for 120,400 euros, but on top of that the full BMW service and warranty scope. Jürgen Voigt

Technical specifications
cylinderV8, 4-valve, centrifugal compressor
kW / hp
1 / min

5500 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
4750 U / min
power transmission 
transmission6 speed automatic
driverear wheel
landing gear 
brakesv: ventilated discs
h: ventilated discs
tiresv: 255/35 R 20
h: 285/30 R 20
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)1720
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)4.5
Top speed (km / h)318
test consumptionK. A.
EU consumption12.3l / 100km (Super Plus)
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)K. A.