Hit the slopes

Of the Audi RS Q3 infected dirt roads and all other everyday challenges prima away. So right in driving the 310-horsepower SUV comes only on curvy track. test

Key data
PS kW310 hp (228 kW)
driveAll-wheel drive, permanent, 7-speed dual clutch
0-100 km / h5.3 seconds
top speed250 km / h
price54,600.00 €

If a compact SUV consumes time just Captain Planning 54,600 euros, it must be a case already something special act. The sole affiliation with the luxury brand Audi because not enough, especially since we all civilian in the RS Q3 course from Q3 must proceed in terms of the rather tight space. No, a space wonder you do not get for almost 55 grand. The front one is indeed accommodated reasonably kommod, behind it is then but rather narrow. Tall man must have to duck when boarding in order not to collide with the chic lowered roofline. After all, the Q3 has preserved the typical SUV variability as RS model: After folding down the asymmetrically split rear seat backs luggage volume increases from 356 to 1261 liters.


At its significance the sporty top model of the smallest Audi SUV series leaves no matter how slight doubt. Such a high-class leather, aluminum, carbon and fine plastics meticulously processed interior probably ends in the segment a second time to fi. Sophisticated control functionality and a perfect seat ergonomics increase the well-being on board each time anew. However, particularly the multimedia functions via the MMI system is striking in the operation that the Q3 some operating step does not accept as fast as, for example, an A3, which is based on a modern architecture. This, however, one notices only in direct comparison of both series.

The lucky RS-friend can enjoy very different things in the first SUV responsible for the ultra-sporty Audi models quattro GmbH thing you notice on the start button when printing straight away. Then namely the five-cylinder turbo animal is awake under the hood and clears first hoarse snarling his throat, only to fall into a stable idle. That the gorgeous kehlig sounding 2.5-liter five-cylinder the character of the Audi RS Q3 determined, is not only the sound. In combination with the standard seven-speed double clutch gearbox (S tronic), a powerful drive system, enable it to 310 hp performance which were previously not possible in the compact SUV segment is obtained. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h is done by the Audi we reviewed 5.3 seconds, and only 250 km / h, the electronics pushes gently the bar before. But it is not just the bare, grouped in figures facts that make the RS Q3. Quickly you get used to the harmony that stop-the concerns of the drive from the available already from 1500 rpm to 5200 and tours 420 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the fi completely smooth switching dual-clutch transmission is almost always a friend the appropriate translation, but also falls quite easily in the face of persistently high levels of force. In itself, the transmission operates almost perfectly, only to manual interventions or in sport mode it might react a little faster. In everyday driving the automatic function helps saving because it keeps on consistent control of the highest pass, the speed level is always low. Nevertheless, the RS is not Kostverächter how the test consumption of 11.4 liters proves. Since the start-stop system little that likes should provide car service for the rest of the traffic lights start a little faster again helps.

The true potential of the RS Q3 but we learn only on the winding country road or even on the circuit where the crisp SUV can do far more than any GTI fright. A so not typical SUV neutral cornering, only moderate understeer and very precise turn not usually include the benefits of high-seater. But the RS Q3 here reminds more of a balanced, dynamically tuned four-wheel drive car than an SUV what the little Q also supported directionally stable with its steady brake.


Balanced this RS also continues because of the long distance and other comforts found enough attention. Although the dynamic potential of the RS requires a fairly tight basic tuning, but the technicians of the quattro GmbH has achieved a good compromise here, which is more than bearable, even on long stretches of motorway. And the good directional stability and low wind and Abrollgeräuschpegel also can not be an ordeal marathon stages. Even if you do not see it if the rather discreet appearance of the RS Q3 immediately: He is very special in the sum of its properties.


The RS Q3 offers so much dynamics and sound with full everyday practicality like no other compact SUV. The price, however, is high

Technical specifications
cylinder5-cylinder, 4-valve, turbo, direct injection, start-stop system
kW / hp
1 / min

5200 - 6700 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
power transmission 
transmission7-speed dual clutch
driveAll-wheel drive, permanent
landing gear 
brakesv: ventilated and perforated discs
h: ventilated discs
tiresv: 255/35 R 20 Y
h: 255/35 R 20 Y
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)1719
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)5.3
Top speed (km / h)250
test consumption11.4l / 100km (Super Plus)
EU consumption8.8L / 100km (Super Plus)
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)206