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With its angular body makes the Cadillac CTS 2.0 Turbo 2014 Impression. But the facilities are impressive, as the first single test shows

On several occasions Cadillac has tried to gain a foothold in the European market. Quite the American premium brand but failed - at least not in Germany: Only 38 cars have been delivered in 2014. Now the noble daughter of General Motors launches with the new CTS the next attack on the upper classes - and the offer sounds tempting. Or do you know a German limousine, the for price of 57,350 euros (Equipment "Premium") three-stage fi belüft- such as heated Leather Seats, wizards, turn on high beam when parking, lane keeping and help traffic sign recognition, a three-zone climate control, head-up display, 20-way adjustable seats free con fi gurable digital instruments and a 230-volt outlet offers? We do not.

US Limousine: The Cadillac CTS 2.0 Turbo in the test

Typically American, the CTS multimedia equipment: three USB ports, one for the AUX jack, SD card slot and Bluetooth connection are always on board. The operation on the eight-inch touch screen or the means responsive to a light finger pressure with a short vibration signal surfaces for room and seat climate is inconclusive at first glance, but after a short one has understood the Ami.

So rich the interior is so small is the engine range: First, there is only the longitudinally mounted two-liter turbo petrol engine, which is used virtually anywhere in the GM. The 276-hp engine operates under the long hood slightly lost, but the performance fit: In 6.7 seconds, the 1,711-kilogram sedan accelerates from zero to 100 and runs in the here tested version with rear-wheel drive up to 240 km / h and what the drive causes no trouble.

However, the direct-injection engine sound above 2500 tours bit hard metallic, rotating at highway speed in sixth gear almost 2000 / min, at 130 Km / hour 2,500 revolutions. The standard six-speed automatic shifts gears unremarkable, another stage would do the CTS but good and would certainly correct the fuel consumption of 11.3 liters Super per 100 km down a bit.

Encouraging direct the steering with good feedback about the broad P Zero tires from Pirelli. However, the 18-inch model act on the five-meter-long sedan almost puny. Larger wheels would, however, make the tight per se suspension comfort of the factory equipped with adaptive dampers CTS even harder. Specifically, the firm designed rear axle acts poltrig and seems to jump over edges or falling into hollows.

For this, the CTS has plenty of space, the front anyway and even more so in the rear - with lush leg, head and elbow room. Moreover make payload (439 kg) and luggage volume (447 liters) of the CTS in the sitting ideal traveling car, very convenient. Only the vibrations in the driver's seat nerves - you will thus warned of potential collisions or leaving the lane. good in itself, but it also vibrates when you get an object when parking too close - k despite Display Gra fi and reversing camera. He prefers conventional beeper.

Our conclusion

It fits, moves agile, has great features and an exotic car on German roads. With only one - very thirsty - motor and the moderate ride comfort but it will have the Cadillac CTS heavy in the European upper class.

Paul Englert