So goes the new Smart Cabrio

The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio (2016) offers endless headroom at prices starting at 14,365 euros. First test drive with Daimler's smallest open!

That never happened before: Agile, as it can only be a smart, now (again) and finally open a real car! The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio (2016) with prices starting at 14,365 euros promises a lot of fun, but the funky Daimler Tom Thumb never was such a useful guy for every day. Clean design with room for two, and in this case in the stronger of two engine variants (optional 71 and 90 hp), our 2,695 millimeters short rear-wheel drive test car chases, the perky Vespa riders in front of them to him, thanks to its turning circle of incredibly short 6 not escape 95 meters in the maze of narrow streets of a big city. The electrically moved top hums in the new Smart Cabrio (2016) in just twelve seconds behind. To fully open two side roof rails must be unlatched and lashed in the trunk. While looking up is not impaired even from the edge of the windshield, the rear stored Verdeckwulst wearing something too thick. For the unobstructed view to the rear but the extra charge, reversing camera makes.

First test drive in the new Smart Fortwo Cabrio (2016)

To about 120 pace to wind noise hold back with closed convertible top that can be opened at any speed by the way - except for the roof bars. Besides the two engine variants smart can choose from three trim levels, seven extra packages and around 100 color combinations of the outer skin. The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio (2016) will be offered with a manual five-speed transmission - precedence has to launch the recommended supplied supplied by Getrag six-speed dual-clutch transmission, which the forces of the lively 0.9-liter, three-cylinder sense and above all quickly portioned. Due to the short wheelbase of directional stability is specifically not perfectly patched slopes - in tight curves makes Daimler's Smallest in the tests for fun.

Thomas GeigerThomas Geiger
Our conclusion

Whom 2,695 millimeters in length and two seats rich, which makes the new Smart Cabrio wrong. Our test is a safe car driving, a world champion in the City and holds with wacker on the highway. but the loading volume shrinks when the roof bars are stowed.