Spanish Power

The up to 280-hp and down 30,810-euro Cupra now comes as a tempting alternative to the Spanish VW Golf R First Impressions - Fahrbericht

Sharper could not. The front of the new Cupra-athlete have the Seat-Designer apparently formed with the razor blade. Even the headlights with daytime running lights conspicuously jagged act like a Batman movie - and the whole car looks pretty cool. In any case, more exciting than the Golf R from the parent company Volkswagen. Right on the first kilometer is clear that the Spaniard is also his driving and a sharp guy.

Everything fits. The standard progressive steering (variable toothing of the rack) responds accurately, even in tighter turns rich small strikes, a gripping is rarely necessary. Suspension and damping work at all athletic tautness not Bandscheibenmordend but still pleasing sensitive - the Cupra can also stand it any longer. And in the back seat of the five-door fi even two-meter giant ends good space.

Driving report Seat Leon Cupra: PRECISE AND RELAXED

The chassis makes a relaxed impression even brave angegangenen tempo curves. Here, already, that the Cupra weighs around 110 kilograms less than its comparable predecessor helps times. And then there's also the standard here DCC adaptive chassis control, which adjusts the damper forces within milliseconds the current road conditions and the driver's instincts. Who has a choice of four modes: Comfort (for travel), sports (for fun), Cupra (for wild deposits) and Custom (for individuals). The blob of cream sets the front differential lock, which noticeably improves traction and prevents any understeer. In extreme cases, the entire fl ows drive torque to one wheel.

Result of this upgrade: The front-wheel drive Cupra dancing quasi Flamenco in the curves - no dithering, no missteps, pure precision. Effortlessly. Some of the mountain curves we went twice with enthusiasm. Power there is already enough revving two-liter turbo has driven in the stronger version of 280 hp (the other 265 hp), it is a jiffy in the matter, especially in the Cupra mode.

Also priced the Spaniard does not hit over the traces, as a three-door model with 265 hp it is available from 30,810 euros - the new all-wheel drive-top Golf R with 300 hp and the same base engine will cost at least 38,325 euros and is not much faster. On the Nordschleife of the seat was even fi xer: fastest time under eight minutes. Psst, which is still secret. 

Our conclusion

Spanish temperament meets German engineering. This Leon Cupra is fun to escape ausdem everyday. As with enthusiasm, take beautiful curves the same again. A car for the sporting connoisseur

Wolfgang Eschment