The lucky ability

100,000 km with the Renault Laguna Estate revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the Gallic family van with the economical 1.9 dCi engine

Key data
PS kW120 hp (88 kW)
driveFront-wheel drive, 6-speed manual
0-100 km / h10.7 seconds
top speed197 km / h
price26,600.00 €

When the Renault Laguna Estate 1.9 dCi took the long service in the editorial fleet on 14 March 2002, the joy was great. The combination seemed both for family holidays as well as for the transport of picket fence elements to be predestined. Even the photo department was quickly impressed: Comfortable suspension, the Frenchman eased the vibration-free work out of the moving car the photographer.

Laguna showed his first kilometers still quite tough, so the engine in continuous daily use quickly gained momentum. Coupled with a switchable exactly six-speed transmission, the self-ignition (1800-3500 U / min) operates with a turbocharger in an optimal speed range powerful and never affects underpowered even when fully loaded. A noticeable at the beginning of the test starting weakness could successfully fight with a new engine software, the Renault service technician. The powerful torque of 270 Nm (from 03/2004 even 300 Nm) ensures rapid overtaking on country roads. The long-ratio sixth gear reduces noise levels and decreases on long motorway stages even at high speed consumption. So our least nearly 1.5-ton combination approved an average of only 7.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers an astonishingly low average over the entire test distance.

The handling of the complacent designed Frenchmen presented itself to test end nor as foolproof. The body movements when cornering or performing evasive maneuvers are generally significantly, but have no influence on the steering precision and directional stability. Optimization of the turn-in brought in the test the conversion to optional 17-inch model. With 225 / 45er tires Laguna followed the immediate Einlenkbefehl and was also at high highway speed palpable trace faithful and without any negative impact on the comfort behavior. With the wider tires, Laguna suspension filtered continue rough bumps of the road surface and transverse joints successfully out. Overall, the Grand Tour serves a balanced spring / damper tuning. However, it is not enough sporting claims.

More in the focus of the designers was probably the most comfortable travel, coupled with an extensive standard equipment. Providing the Privilege equipment in addition to automatic air conditioning, central locking, power windows, a separate folding rear seat and a radio with integrated CD player. However, the installed in our test car Cabasse sound system could not completely convince. In particular, bothered the weak radio reception. Are all the necessary settings, operation via steering wheel Satellite simple.

The reference materials used, as well as panels of the leather covered shift lever proved claimed as strong after the test. A through SAT driver's seat is now hoping squealing and barely back support offering on the exchange, as well as the completely worn-out power window operation were our Laguna act tired. For reinforced Rappelgeräusche also provided which are exploiting Dende in resolution engine encapsulation. One of retired recently from the test fleet Audi A4 presented here clearly high-quality processed. The technique of Laguna does not deserve the sentence high quality. Praiseworthy is, however, to mention that the essential components extremely reliable performed their duties. Engine, transmission, fuel injection pump, drive shafts, wheel bearings, steering everything worked without problems. As good as the sentence for these aggregates also fails, when viewed in detail, the picture becomes cloudy. Rattling noises from the area of ​​intake air as well as rattling baffles in the muffler, a defective windows on the passenger side as well as a flashing unmotivated check engine light in Mileage 5802, 72 785 and 82 500 ensured annoyance. If our Laguna not had a guardian angel that made him constantly stranded upon the occurrence of a serious infirmity right outside an authorized workshop, we would have been three times facing major problems: At Mileage 64,141 suddenly the leadership of the gears adopted and without warning.

A broken spring pin for the price of only 61 cents preventing any change of gear. In third gear, we went to the shop around the corner, and after a further hour endurance test. Another unscheduled pit stop put the Grand Tour in a Mileage 88690: A defective battery prevented the continuation of the vacation trip through Croatia. Again blessing in disguise: After just ten minutes a very friendly engineer had recognized the damage and installed a new battery. And once again the Frenchman pulled in Mileage 97489 attention to himself and interrupted theatrical steaming a holiday trip through France. Again, the editor saved to a nearby workshop. Once in exchange for 95.69 euros, a new radiator hose and a sealing ring were mounted, it could go: The repair was done in no time.

However, the three margins and in the meantime (94,509 kilometers) necessary replacement of a part of the exhaust system to emphasize that it is not related to the quality of various supply parts at Renault for the best. Here is a major challenge, not everyone has in a breakdown as lucky as we are. It seems that the French have recognized the problem, because a Espace, which is in continuous test services for a year, running so far without blemish. A thoroughly revised Laguna incidentally rolls from March 2005 to the dealers.
Martin Hube


The Renault Laguna has completed the 100,000-kilometer endurance test without major damage and therefore successful. convince his spaciousness and traveling comfort and the very economical and powerful motor.

The positive overall picture, however, was marred by various little things: were annoying problems with the smart card, a defective engine battery, an ailing coolant hose, rattling noises from the intake and exhaust system and an end of the test, squeaking and SAT driver's seat.

Blessing in disguise: Three times the Laguna Estate was right in front of an authorized workshop are - the fast was assured.

Technical specifications
kW / hp
1 / min

4000 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
2000 rev / min
power transmission 
transmission6 speed manual
drivefront-wheel drive
landing gear 
brakesv: Vented. slices
h: slices
tiresv: 225/45 R 17
h: 225/45 R 17
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)1460
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)10.7
Top speed (km / h)197
test consumptionK. A.
EU consumption7.2l / 100km (Diesel)
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)K. A.