Macho type

With rustic looks and high-powered engines, the Dodge Nitro will from spring 2007 to convince the SUV customers who are too well-behaved conventional SUV

Key data
PS kW214 hp (157 kW)
driveRear-wheel drive, four-speed automatic
0-100 km / h10 seconds
top speed185 km / h
price26.000,00 €

The Dodge brand skin fully on the plaster. Their design is rustic, simple technology, but honest. Since the new Nitro is no exception. Whether the SUV, which is expected to be offered as a rear-wheel drive with us in the entry-level version, does in fact produce explosive force, it will show. It falls on any case: flared wheel arches, up to 20-inch rims, a powerful grill, with small side windows. The dashboard is cleaned up, the hard plastic used to. like the comfort, the space available is sufficient - but in the shoulder area of ​​the nitro should be more generous cut. The knee room in the rear, however, is lush. According to the American standard the luggage compartment between 900 (roof high loading) and 1800 liters (roof high loading, folding the rear seats) has. Is folded over the front passenger seat: 2,100 liters. The pull-out cargo floor can carry up to 181 kilos and facilitates loading. There are three engines: the 213 hp 3.7-liter V6 is the base gasoline (from about 26,000 euros). On the US highways like it with quiet running, just for boring of course he looks a bit tough and boomy. The four-speed automatic transmission responded adequately spontaneously and smoothly. The steering is too sluggish from the central position, the directional stability is not optimal - Dodge promises to launch recovery. And the suspension? Joyful sip. Also driven 4.0-liter version - 263 horsepower, five-speed automatic - in a sporty R / T equipment is more European standards: tighter coordination, more sophisticated engine. Interesting is the planned for Germany 2.8-liter four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine with 182 hp and 460 Nm of torque. Elmar Siepen

Technical specifications
kW / hp
1 / min

5200 U / min
Max. Torque. (Nm)
at 1 / min
4000 U / min
power transmission 
transmission4 speed automatic
driverear-wheel drive
landing gear 
brakesv: Vented. slices
h: slices
tiresv: 235/65 R 17
h: 235/65 R 17
Weight (kg) 
Curb weight (factory)1888
Acceleration / intermediate sprint 
0-100 km / h (s)10
Top speed (km / h)185
test consumptionK. A.
EU consumptionK. A.
reachK. A.
Exhaust emissions 
Carbon dioxide CO2 (g / km)K. A.