BMW 530d GT and BMW X6 xDrive 30d

BMW offers X6 and 5 Series Gran Turismo two individually styled upper class cars for automotive nonconformists. In Review: The three-liter diesel

see traditional full-size sedans from different - that's for sure. In case of X6 and 5 Series Gran Turismo the customer has the choice between a sporty coupe-inspired SUV with character and an efficiency-oriented hatchback with abundant space and representative aura. No matter in whose favor the decision is: polarized The design of these two types BMW, guaranteeing their owners an original appearance.

This does not alone suffice to justify the high base prices of well over 50,000 euros. We look at the two models Three-liter diesel about once very carefully.


In addition to the attractive appearance both BMW convince with an extensive safety equipment and an impeccable processing. However, choice of materials and finish in GT look even a trace more carefully than in the X6. The four-wheel drive widerrum scores with standard bi-xenon light, but can not the speed limit scanners nor the Wizard changing lanes or tracking muster. Furthermore, only the 5 waiting optional on front or night vision camera together with detection of individual persons. Be Head airbag incidentally does not extend into the second row. Crash safety in the GT-fund should be also ensured without the air cushion.

What we can be convinced easily, the opulent space the 5 Series derivative. Front and rear sitting royally, although sitting giants push in the back to the roof. However, only four persons are permitted to travel - just like the X6. Both vehicles never use the unpopular middle seat in the rear. However, the heavily sloping roof of the X-model limits the headroom in the back seat an even stronger. In front the all-wheel-6 is also cut close.

Another advantage of the GT is its changeabilityThe rear seats can be moved longitudinally, the trunk can be extended by pressing a button by moving the three-part back bank. Normally, its storage compartment holds 440 liters, with advanced bench and upright partition there are already 590, and completely leveled disappear in 1700 liters of luggage behind the two-piece tailgate. In the boot of the X6 fit 570-1450 liters. His trump card: The towing capacity can be increased from the factory at an additional cost to an impressive 3.5 tonnes. The GT may draw more than 2.1 tons.

bodyMax. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d
Space in front1009186
Space behind1009272
Operation / Function1008379
Boot capacity1004658
Payload / towing capacity803846
Quality / processing200189182
Chapter review1000746705

driving comfort

Both test car rolled with the genuine Yamaha comfort seats and "Adaptive Drive" running gear to the test. In addition to an adaptive damping control this extra features with active stabilizers that minimize the lateral inclination in curves, and an air-sprung rear axle with leveling. Despite having the same components, the two Munich left a very different impression.

During the BMW X6 not only in the "Sport" set-up rolls quite firm, hovering the 5 GT in "Comfort" - mode self worst potholes unmoved away. Even in "normal" and even in "Sport" the 5 does not affect coated hard, but pleased with good absorption capacity. The excellent acoustic comfort completes the picture of comfortable long-distance glides perfectly.

Despite frameless side windows no wind noise annoying. Neither Fahrwerkspoltern still annoying motor frequencies tarnish the image. Also, the X6 30d buzzing pleasantly softly, but his tone falls growling from his interior noise level is higher. That is not least because the X6 has to make do with six gear steps while the GT has eight levels and falls according to its speed at high speeds.

driving comfortMax. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d
Front seat comfort150135130
Rear seat comfort1009171
interior noise504441
sound impression1007873
Air conditioning504644
suspension empty200168142
suspension loaded200164144
Chapter review1000848763

engine and gears

The automatic system of the BMW 530d sorted not only more gears, it continues to do so even faster and softer than the also pleasant operating sechsstufi ge automatic in the X6. Both transmissions bypass the torque converter at a very early and thus ensure a rapid response and increased efficiency.

however, forms the basis for the strong diesel engine, but is fundamentally different in two cars: in GT namely, the latest generation of six-cylinder compression ignition engines working with aluminum crankcase central piezo injectors and vertically arranged valves. In addition to various small things provide, among other things, a significantly more powerful control unit, as well as ultra-modern ceramic glow for a noticeable increase in motoring refinement, lower emissions and more power with less Elictricity.

During the Three liter engine the X6 makes a maximum of 235 hp and develops a maximum of 520 Nm, the new diesel reached even 245 horsepower under the hood of the 530d. He also releases 20 Nm more that occur earlier and are no longer available. Because the GT also is also still the lighter car, he clearly decided all driving power measurements for themselves - and consumes 9.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers distance 2.3 liters less fuel than the X6.

engine and gearsMax. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d
top speed1508368
power delivery503937
Chapter review1000646565

driving dynamics

The hour of the X6 suggests, when we dedicate ourselves to the drive technology: Its xDrive all-wheel drive excited. By electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, the X6 distributes its power not only continuously as required between front and rear axles, but also between the rear right and left side. The objective of this technique is to achieve maximum stability on cornering what works excellent, as demonstrated not least the speed in the slalom test. Should the limit be reached, the X6 pushes straight good-natured. In addition, the steering of the wheel drive vehicle operates very emotional, while the power assistance fails too strong a nuance in the 5 Series.

The GT rely solely on rear-wheel drive. Although he also builds on a stately traction, but can not compete with the four-wheel drive, of course. However, on winding stretches of road it moves light-footed and reached even the slightly higher limit speeds in long corners. Moreover, his brakes engage in serious cases even biting to as the stopper of the X6. stocked and the directional stability of with mixed tires Gran Turismo-Test car was more stable. Finally, the 530d shines even with the significantly smaller turning radius.

But all this can not diminish the superiority of the all-wheel-concept - think in this context only to snow or rain-slicked roads. That's why this chapter wins clearly the X6.

driving dynamicsMax. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d
directional stability504442
brake dosage302221
braking distance cold1508483
braking distance hot15010092
driving safety150135135
turning circle208th2
Chapter review1000666684

Environmental and cost

almost all positions for the GT speak at the annual running costs. Only the anticipated workshop costs fall, according to the professionals of the ADAC in favor of the X6. Advantage: exactly 60 euros per year.

Of the 530d GT however, is cheaper to buy, save for insurance, taxes and fuel costs. In addition, he relaxed and casually met thanks to the newer engine, the Euro 5 limits, while the X6 xDrive 30d may be sufficient only to the limits according to Euro 4 emission standard.

Cost / EnvironmentMax. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d
valued Price67510398
Guarantee / Warranty502020
Workshop costs201415
Chapter review1000307288


The result is clear: the 530d Gran Turismo wins almost all the scores. It offers more space, has more comfort, and its engine is a generation younger. Since the X6 xDrive 30d in direct comparison is difficult to argue. With its beefy looking, it certainly solves even stronger emotions than the also unconventionally styled GT - for better or for worse. His phenomenal all-wheel drive, however, just does unrivaled good.


Max. PointsBMW 530d Gran TurismoBMW X6 xDrive 30d