M4 GTS to 911 GT3 RS

On the Nürburgring sprint circuit, we have BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS to the track test asked. 500 hp and large wing work at the stern are both included.

For our test track, we have BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS loaded onto the sprint circuit of the Nürburgring. Black asphalt, red-white-painted curbs, turquoise carpet, green meadow, gray gravel, colored gang Where usually purebred racing cars do riots and are pea-sized pieces of rubber off the racing line, there is no oncoming traffic or speed limits, we test two sports cars with TÜV seal that are completely out of place on public roads actually. Check off the question of power: 500 hp. Both. But power is not everything can go fast straight else. At BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS but it's about the transverse dynamics, the fine art of cornering. For that Porsche builds on the Elfer the great aero package with rear wing, front spoiler and Radhausrippen. Below around provide semi-slicks by Michelin Porsche identifier (N1), adaptive dampers and steering wheel ensure that the limits are approached in a very far distance. BMW countered with a smaller, but but triple adjustable rear wing and extendable front splitter. Even the M4 GTS has been upgraded compared to the standard M4, also based with the Cup two semi slicks, here in the BMW specification. For optimum road provide an adjustable in height, compression and rebound damping three-way coil-over suspension from KW, wider track front (+17 mm), stiffer anti-roll bars, as well as ball joint support bearing. The camber of - 1 ° 45 'in front and - 2 ° behind the support behavior of the minimal profiled tires improved again.

BMW M4 GTS in video:

BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS operate at the limit

complete theory lesson, now comes the practical part. The threading in the twelve kilo Recaro bucket seats made of carbon in the BMW M4 GTS no big deal. For our taste it should even be installed even lower and the shoulder neckline forming be further cut something at the top. Odds and ends. Per loop we move to the long coupe doors, create belt, steering wheel in the chest, engine start. Short roar from the titanium exhaust system, to warm up. After a few kilometers the display certifies around 50 degrees tire temperature and an increased pressure. We let some air out and start with 2.2 bar front and 2.4 bar back to the first fast lap - steering and driving in Sport Plus mode, the DSC (ESP) is deactivated. Tempo 232 to 55 for the hairpin: At the end of the start-finish straight up before the carbon-ceramic brake system has to prove. In the first few meters braking distance the effect is a bit slow, but then bite the pads to. In round two, we tap the pedal before the delay short, thus ensuring preload - now the pressure is now fully there. Fantastic are also steering feel and effect in the BMW M4 GTS. First, the response has been improved compared to the serial M4, secondly, the tires exactly implement what they claim at the wheel: More steering means smaller turning radius. So finely dosed are only racing cars.

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS in the video:

The BMW M4 GTS makes the show in every way behind

The same is true for the accelerator, because with every millimeter way not only increases the decibel count in the interior, but also the turbo punch. In the BMW M4 GTS the maximum boost pressure of 2.5 bar was increased because the charge air is cooled further in the collector by a fine spray of distilled water. Result is that the thermal stresses in the cylinder are low, the tendency to knock decreases, the life of the engine increases. And because the internal S55 baptized aggregate provides a whopping 600 Nm torque at 4000 tours, we speed up of slow and medium speed corners beyond simply a higher gear, rather than us entlangzuhangeln permanently at the speed limit and bring unrest into the car with a slipping rear wheels. After two timed laps we control the BMW to the box and check the tires. The Pilot Sport Cup 2 have suffered, have increased abrasion, thus affecting steering precision, cornering speed and thus affects the lap time. The same picture emerges with a second set of tires and again slightly reduced pressure (v / h: 2.1 / 2.2 bar) - the mixture appears well designed a little too soft.

Video entitled: Walter Röhrl in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche 911 GT3 RS shows its potential on the racetrack

We start the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which still retains acoustically at low speeds, but sounds above 3000 rpm and with the open damper Exhaust very strongly of the Carrera Cup. This infernal, culminating until 8600 tours saw is as uncompromising as the entire vehicle. What do you prefer life in the long run, fits perfectly on the circuit: This sucker typical linear power delivery of the four-liter boxer, the ultra-fast response times and a drag torque with the delay of a small car brake make the GT3 RS is the ultimate sports equipment. And when all sorts of information on road conditions and friction transmitted crystal clear via steering and Popometer per millisecond, the adaptive suspension scans the surface highly sensitive and the stopwatch 1.8 seconds more stops (see circular analysis), then we know who has won the counter championship.

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Technical specificationsBMW M4 GTSPorsche 911 GT3 RS
Cylinders / valves per Zylin.R6 / 4; BiturboB6 / 4
capacity2979 cc3996 cc
368 kW / 500 hp
6250 / min
368 kW / 500 hp
8250 / min
Max. Torque
600 Nm
4000 - 5500 / min
460 Nm
6250 / min
double clutch
double clutch
driverear wheelrear wheel
L / W / H in mm4689/1870/13834545/1880/1291
wheelbase2810 mm2457 mm
0 - 100 km / h3.8 s3.3 s
0 - 200 km / h11,5 s10.9 s
Top speed.305 km / h (abger.)310 km / h
Nürburgring sprint track1: 36.8 min1: 35.0 min
test consumption12.8 l SP / 100 km14.7 l SP / 100 km
EU consumption8.5 L SP / 100 km12.7 l SP / 100 km
base Price142,600 €181,690 €

Our conclusion

More radical than in BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS it is street legal hard, but these two are not suitable for the Highway Code field. On the circuit and at the limit they are in their element. The Porsche overall concept is less nervous and more rapidly at the end of the day. The well-balanced BMW 911 on the heels, but remains because of the enormous tire wear and its heavy weight up to its potential.